Day 486

Woke up at 12 last night, went to take out my retainer, but then realized the time. So I went back to sleep… Did the same at 3am, except I did take my retainer out, and couldn’t really fall back asleep. So I was looking up cars, houses, and puppies. Yay.

Didn’t do much for the most part of today. Was going to go look at this car, but then Monte said it’s probably been trashed around etc so we didn’t bother. And yet again, I’m still with no leads into cars, depressing.

Went and met Rhianna at the dog park this afternoon for a bit over an hour. Her dog Cruz got slightly better this time, he still peed himself in fear of the other dogs, but for awhile he was playing with this tiny, TINY little puppy dog. They both chased Cruz’s ball around together. She was the smallest little dog, the ball was bigger than her, but Cruz didn’t seem too afraid of her so that was good! PROGRESS!

Cruz does laps, we held the ball and didn’t throw it, and he just did laps. Huge laps. Never slowed down, never ended. We had to physically call him over and make him sit down to stop doing laps around the place lol. He really does love chasing the ball, but he has no interest in it what-so-ever once he touches it. It’s quite odd!

Had spaghetti f or dinner, chilled. Haha, not very exciting really. That’s the way!

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