Day 487


Well today started off early, sort of. Jordy and I headed off to the Ekka at about 10am, got the train up there. We went to the animal boulevard, where we played with some baby cows, and lambs, and even saw cattle dog puppies! That was my favorite part 😉

After that we headed on over to the showbag pavilion to check out the showbags, Jordy did want the Bakugan one, but after seeing it he wasn’t that interested. Checked out the Harry Potter one, still wasn’t very interested in it. So then we decided to head out and go to the sideshow alley to find the one ride that he wanted to go on!

He was looking for the crazy/silly house, but we couldn’t find it in sideshow alley, the only thing close was this psychadellic(sp?) walkthrough thing, kind of like Infinity. So he went on that lol. He didn’t want to do any other rides or games, strangely enough. So we walked over to the Woolworths pavilion to look around there, we had some chocolate covered strawberries. Om nom nom!

Then we went to look at the dog pavilion, saw some dogs being judged, that was interesting. Checked out the food product that sponsored the event and was “best pet food” as soon as I read that it had corn in it, I stopped caring LOL. It’s corn! Ugh! I’m really struggling to find a good pet food in Australia..

We walked around where all the other show dogs were waiting for their turn, saw some weird people, with some weird dogs. Like dog like owner, right? Then we walked around the kiddy rides, where we ended up finding the ride that he wanted to go on! So he went on it, and had a lot of fun. I took a video of him at the end screaming about how it was the best ride ever or something haha. Pretty funny.

Then we went back to the sideshow alley, Jordy decided he wanted to try again. The pick a duck one, yeah he only won a sticky hand thing lol. Then we had to go line up to get into the showbag place as EVERYONE was trying to get in there at that point so they had line ups! So weird. But we finally got in, and Jordy decided he wanted the Ninja showbag, so that’s what he got, lots of swords lol. He didn’t want anything else, I offered him others but “nope, I don’t want anything” crazy kid!

Then we pretty much headed home after that, Mum picked us up at Robina, stopped by Maccas quickly. Came home, Angie came round so we could head off to Pats 21st. Rhianna and Shane got dropped off here too so I drove them all over there to Robina tavern. Tried to surprise Pat, cause he didn’t know I was back. But all he said was “I KNEW YOU WERE BACK!” I guess it was pretty hard to keep the act up for two weeks haha.

Pretty much hung out with them all night, I’ve never really spoken much to Shane, so I got to a lot tonight. He’s pretty cool. I also got to talk to Amanda heaps tonight too, and we’ve never really actually talked lol so that was good. We actually seem to get on pretty well haha. Pats family did the whole embarrassing childhood photos and speeches and stuff. That was cool. Everyone got kicked out around 11, cause that’s when the room was hired until. So then Shane invited whoever was left back to his house. I took Amanda, Pat, Shane & Rhianna back, and the others caught a taxi and met us there.

Played with Cruz at Rhiannas place, he’s so different there than he is out away from the house and at the dog park! He’s such a big baby at the dog house! But at their house, he’s totally fine! I think it’s definitely because he relies on their other dog, Callais, as his rock kind of. As long as she’s around, he knows he’s safe and okay. But once he’s away from the house, and away from Callais, I think that’s when he panics. So we’re gonna try taking Callais next time. She’s a cattle dog 🙂 But she’s quite rough with other dogs, so we just gotta make sure she won’t start any fights.

Shane took everyone on a tour of his cars he’s working on, and his fish, and his guitars, and his sound system. LOL. Rhianna was like “really Shane, why do you do this every time someone comes over! No one cares!” LOL. But yeah, everyone hung out there for awhile. I don’t even know what time it was when Rhianna decided she wanted to go to bed, so she basically kicked everyone else. Probably around 2 or 3? So the plan was I would drop two people off at Pats, while the rest got a lift with Pat’s dad. But I ended up being dragged in to hang out longer. Apparently I owed them 2 years worth of catching up. So I felt obliged, also because it’s his 21st!

So I stayed, chatted. There was 7 of us in Pats room. Amanda went to bed, and slept the whole time. Right there in the middle of everyone lol! Another guy went and fell asleep on the couch, and the rest of us just stayed up chatting. Nerdy, we thought of an awesome iPod app game involving rubber band balls, and I would honestly probably play that game for hours! They want to go make it now, once they learn how. I think it’d be pretty sweet actually. Here’s to hoping!

Eventually I decided I was pretty tired, I had tried to leave earlier but it was like “please stay” haha, so I did. One of the guys wanted a lift home, but he was the only one out of everyone there that I didn’t know so I didn’t want to, so I waited until he fell asleep on the couch before I left haha. I’m so mean. But yeah, 5.30am or so, and I finally got to go home! I’m quite tired now. I feel like I should have just gone to Burleigh and watched the sunrise, it’s almost time. Except for the storm that’s going on outside, that wasn’t too great. I’ve missed the sound of thunderstorms though. Vancouver doesn’t get that.

And yeah, now I’m home, late blog, and I’m definitely ready for bed now. Thinking of going to the dog park again tomorrow with Rhianna, Cruz & Callais. I almost taught Cruz how to beg tonight!! He’s much funner when he’s not shit scared & pissing himself at the dog park! But yep. That’s that. Night!

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