Day 488

Compared to yesterday, today is much shorter.

I didn’t sleep much, my eye was hurting. It’s been pretty bloodshot and sore today. I’ve been actually trying to use the eye drops less cause I don’t want to be relying on them heavily all the time… So I was limiting myself with the drops lol.

Anyways! I went over to Rhiannas for a bit today, we read the paper to look for jobs, houses, cars, the lot. Even though she has a car lol. We played with her family’s puppy, Ally, the cattle dog. She’s getting quite tall, yet still small puppy look lol. Just long legs! She dragged the other dog, Lily’s food bowl down to the yard. The bowl is like half the size of her so it was quite a sight lol.

Tonight Mum, Monte, Jordy, Kahni & I went to Sizzler. Had to wait half an hour to be seated though, but they did give us some cheesy bread while we waited! Best part of Sizzler definitely. Ate our food, then headed home.

Keep looking up cars, not having that much luck with what I’m after but mmm. Oh, and with my puppy I want to get, Nicole offered that I could get him and let him stay at her place until I’m able to move out once I’m employed. But I dunno. If I was to do that, the puppy would like her family more than he liked me, it wouldn’t be right! 😦 Back at square one lol. I’m ready to go live in a caravan park for a few months hey, I’m not fussed! LOL.

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