Day 489, 490, 491, 492, 493, 494, and… 495!

Would you look at that… I didn’t blog for a WHOLE WEEK, and no one said anything. Sweet!

I guess if you didn’t notice, the absence from blogging will become a regular thing now, I’m quite too lazy to have anything interesting to say now every day, the Gold Coast just isn’t that exciting, just as before!

But anyways, as a recap of the past week, I’ll see how much I can remember..

I had a job interview at Seaworld on Tuesday morning (Day 490),  and after that Mum, her friend Sophia, and I had lunch at the Southport Yacht Club… All I kept thinking while I was there was “ARE YOU THE SEAFM FUGITIVE?!” cause they were doing that contest on the radio once and Michelle and I went there and tried to find the fugitive haha. Classic 😉

On Wednesday, Rhianna and I went and saw Rachel and her baby, Aliyah, at their place. We were there for a few hours, chilling/catching up, etc.

On Wednesday night, I went and saw the Green Lantern with Michelle & Aaron, cause every Wednesday night they go see a movie, so they insisted I come along this time. It wasn’t too bad of a movie, but it really wasn’t that great lol, I was expecting better… After the movie though I went down to Grill’d and waited for Mel to finish work then I drove her home!

I feel like I did something the other days, but I don’t remember too much now haha. Can’t remember the days, but I know what I did..

Oh, on Thursday, Rhianna, Shane and I went over to Pat’s place to play Call Of Duty lol. Needless to say, Pat & Shane kicked our butts haha.

On Friday night, I went and hung out with Mel, her sister, and their boyfriends, and some of their other friends. They went bowling, so I watched them bowl lol. Then after that we hung out at Gloria Jeans for awhile. Good fun.

On Saturday, I went over to Rhianna’s place, played Call Of Duty with Shane before he went fishing with his friend, then I played one game of Call Of Duty with Rhianna, before switching to Tony Hawk’s Wasteland lol. So then we just played that game for awhile. Eventually got bored, and she insisted I watch the Hills with her…. So we watched that. LOL. It’s their favorite show, Shanes too. LOL.

And now today is Sunday… And I haven’t done anything all day except had to drop Kahni to work this morning.

Somewhere along the line of this week, I think Friday afternoon, I was offered a job position with Seaworld 🙂 So I’m now employed! Hell yeah! Not sure exactly what I’ll be doing just yet, but we’ll find out at my orientation, which isn’t for another like two weeks unfortunately 😦 Wish it started this week lol.

It was also Crysti’s birthday the other day, so happy birthday big sis!

I think that’s it really. I’m still puppy-less 😦 How sad. And I’m still car-less, and house-less. Ahhhhhh…. Depressing times….. At least I’m technically employed now 😉

    • amerisis
    • August 28th, 2011

    OH i noticed!!!! I Will forgive as long as u at least continue once a week…i subscribed to this mobile email only so i could get notice of the blog posts! so dont make me waste 5 bucks a month!!! i LIKE KEEPING UP WITH WHATS GOING ON IN UR WORLD!!! A Job at Seaworld? how exciting!! maybe ull get to play with the animals!!! Thank u for the birthday wishes!! We all miss u soo much!! love and hugs!

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