Day 503, 504, 505, 506, 507, 508 and 509!

Straight up, I’m going to apologize for the days that I forget what I’ve done and don’t end up mentioning it… as Nicole pointed out to me last week, on the Wednesday where I said I didn’t do anything/couldn’t remember.. Turns out I spent the day with her and Rachel, we were at Robina for a bit, and then Nicole and I were back at her house later watching the Karate Kid movie haha, my bad!

Anywhooo… Monday, Day 503, was spent continuing to sleep off the cold I had woken up with on Sunday.. Fathers day. I think I watched Friends With Benefits that day too. Good movie. Also discovered that Eminem is touring Australia at the end of the year, and by touring Australia I really mean just coming to Sydney & Melbourne. Apparently, Brisbane isn’t good enough… So I’m mad!

On Tuesday, Day 504, Mum, Monte & I drove up to Sunnybank Hills to pick up my car! Yay! It’s a pretty nice car, and definitely a great car for the $7,000 it costed me.. MUCH cheaper than its worth! Scoreee! Monte drove it home from Sunnybank, and then when we got home I drove it around the estate for a bit, then eventually drove over to Rhianna’s place to show her and Shane my nice shiny new car >;] It even drives nicely, like really smooth. I like it.

Oh, on Monday night I think it was.. Rhianna’s dog Cruz, he had to stay over at the vet because he had at least two paralysis ticks on him and was paralyzed 😦 but he’s okay now, he came home Tuesday afternoon and he’s all good now 🙂

On Wednesday, Rhianna and I went to a bunch of real estate places at Robina to look at listings and stuff, not much luck though, and the people there in each store weren’t very willing to help… It was awkward. We also went to the pet store to look for things for Cruz. I think that’s all I did on Wednesday, someone correct me if I’m wrong…. It seems I remember all the other days much better than I do Wednesdays… Hump days!

On Thursday, I had my orientation for Seaworld! I had to be there by 8.15am, so I left home around 7.15. Such a long day. I was there until about 3.30pm I think. We had a lot of learning to do, lots of signing paper work, and walking around the park, even rode one of the rides. Also turns out a guy I went to TAFE with works there! But yeah, the day was fairly interesting. Got my uniform, roster, all that jazz. I was so tired when I got home though that I just went to bed for a few hours. Super tired!

On Friday I was at Robina for awhile with Rhianna. We felt old because we had to sit down and have a break twice. HAHA.  We’re old and get tired easy… Good Lord, help us. I bought another book though, seeing as I’ve now finished the Hunger Games series :(. We also had Gloria Jeans, and some butter butts from the Chinese bakery thing there.. Think that was it for Friday….

On Saturday, I had my first actual shift at Seaworld! I wasn’t supposed to, because the four of us training in games had been told 8am-11am for register training, and that was it.. So when we got there, halfway in to it the lady told us we were actually staying until 3pm or later.. Thankfully everyone was cool with that. So after training in the shop on the register in the morning, we all went down to the games where we got to do each game in rotation to try them all out 🙂 It was pretty cool, I like all the games but one… Cause it has a microphone you’re supposed to use.. Awkwardd… But the day was good. Finished there about 3.45, and when I got home I was super worn out again and felt kinda sick. So I went to bed for awhile. Later that night I felt way sick, like with a cold. And took some cold medicine and went to bed!

This morning, Sunday, we all got up and went to breakfast as per usual. Had toast today instead of pancakes or French toast haha. I still felt a bit sick but not too bad, I feel kinda okay now. The rest of the day I just spent sleeping off the tiredness/sickness. I also watched Eat Pray Love, which made me decide that I need to go travel more! And need to go to Europe! The story is basically about this woman from New York who decides she’s not in love with her husband anymore and needs to escape herself and all that stuff, so she basically packs up and leaves. She goes to live in Rome for a few months, and then Bali for a few weeks.. And then bam, she’s a whole new person. Rome looked awesome, and I need to travel more… So that’s what my conclusion for this week is, travel more! Something I read in this other book I’m reading says “travel broadens the mind” haha. and then the other person argues “travel is escaping reality”. Either way…. Traveelllll!

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