Day 510, 511, 512, 513, 514, 515, and 516!

On Monday, Day 510, I’m not really sure what I did during the day.. I don’t remember.. But that night I went to the movies and saw Horrible Bosses. Wasn’t as funny as everyone had hyped it up to be, but it wasn’t bad. It was alright really. Some bits bored me, some were quite funny lol. But that’s that.

On Tuesday I had work. It was good. Tiring though, but good. That night I was tired and stuff from work, so I laid in bed all night and finished off reading my book. It had a bit of a shocking moment in it, and I didn’t really want to keep reading after that, it was just like a halt… But yeah, not gonna spoil it. Haha.

On Wednesday I hung out with Michelle. I had to go switch my car rego over because I had kept forgetting to do that, so Michelle came to hang out with me for the day and we went and did that. We also went by Dad’s work so I could pick up some stuff from there. I scored a rainbow flag there too, with a smiley face on it. Lol it came out of MP’s apparently. Adding it to my flag collection! Score ahaha.

The rest of the day we just hung out at Robina, just chilling. That night Aaron joined us and we decided to see Final Destination 5 in 3D, but it wasn’t on until about 9.30, so we went over and they got some pizza, then we drove down to Burleigh to go bowling for a bit. I’ve decided I have really retarded fingers because bowling balls really hurt my fingers. I can never find a ball that’s the right weight, with the right sized holes… It sucks haha.

The movie was pretty good, joined in with the first one too so it was cool. I could see that coming though… apparently the others didn’t pick up on it. :\. It was very much the same though, super gory and whacky death scenes, Final Destination style. This one was also done in Vancouver too 😉

Oh, Michelle & I were also asked for ID. Michelle was like “Oh, is it an R18+ movie?” and the guy said “no…. M15… why.. how old are you two?” 20!!! Haha, we all laughed. It was awkward but. Aaron was there too, I wonder what the guy thought the 21 year old was doing with two 14 year old girls… :\

Thursday I didn’t really do much during the day, that I can remember anyways. But that night Angie came by and we went over to Robina with Kahni. Didn’t stay there long, left Kahni there with her friends. Then we went over to Labrador cause Angie had to pick Erika up from work at 8pm. We had some foods too, I only bought a box of cookies, and asked for a cup of water. But instead got given lemonade, and a mcflurry, as well as the cookies 🙂 haha. Angie got a mcflurry too, cause they were accidentally made before some guy changed his mind. Scoree. Lol.

After that we drove back to Robina where they dropped me off cause they had to go home. I was then walking to meet up with Mel & Eryn and co, but on the way I passed Michelle and her friends at Max Brenners so I said hi there for a bit, then went on to find Mel and Eryn and stuff at Gloria Jeans. Hung out there for a little bit, then eventually headed off cause I had to go find Kahni. I rang Michelle when I was leaving Gloria Jeans to see if she was still there, and she was, and she parks much closer than I do lol so I asked her if she wanted to drive me to my car 🙂 Haha. Good fun. Then I found Kahni, and went home.. The end!

Friday I worked. Tiring. That afternoon I ended up going over to Rhiannas for a bit. Hung out with her for awhile, then Shane came home. So we were just talking for awhile. Playing with Cruz too haha he’s all better now thankfully 🙂

Saturday we went to breakfast, then went to Jordy’s school fete for a bit. It was too hot and it wasn’t that exciting, so I didn’t stay there long. Came home. Then later on I went to Victoria’s to check out her new Xbox 360 that’s on sale at Big W. I think I need to go get one, might go layby it tomorrow actually. Just cause it’s on sale for $100 less than normal.. Oh, and I hung out with Nicole a bit that night too.

Today I was supposed to work, so just as I was getting up to get ready, I got a call saying it was quiet and they don’t need me today. Sooo that was that, I laid back in bed for the rest of the day lol. I really didn’t do all that much today….. Looked up a lot of stuff, kept house hunting, all that good stuff… And yeah. That was the week. Laters!

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