Day 517, 518, 519, 520, 521, 522 and 523!

I know I’m a day off on this one, but it’s okay I’ll still only write it up until Sunday night so that it keeps in order still…

Anyways, on Monday, I don’t know what I did… Oh. I had to go to a centrelink interview, but they ended up cancelling it on me as soon as we were walking in the door basically, we were right out front when we got the call to cancel. So not cool. I don’t know what I did for the rest of the day though..

On Tuesday, I went to work. Kind of had a crappy day I think. People were annoying me, friends were being a bit lame. Don’t know what else I did that night after work, nothing probably either lol.

Wednesday, was BYO cup for a 7/11 slurpee thing. So that night Kahni and I went and picked Lukas up from work and went over to 7/11 to get some slushees in huge kitchen tupperware container things lol. It only costed $2.60 each cup/bucket thing but hell no could you finish it all. It went gross and runny but it was the thought of it that made it exciting :). That day I think I also hung out at Robina for a bit with Rhianna.

On Thursday, I worked. I had to learn to do the basketball thing all on my own kinda. It’s a game where there’s always only one person running it and that’s it and its separate from the other games so I was on my own. Wasn’t bad though I actually enjoyed it. The customers are fun on that game too. And I get to shoot a basketball all day and get paid for it, pretty cool lol. Improving my shot like mad 🙂

Friday morning I had to go to Centrelink again too, didn’t have enough of the paper work though cause they’d sent me the wrong form so I have to go back there again soon. Also went to the ear nose & throat specialist where he stuck a camera thing down my nose and it was gross. Basically he saw nothing wrong with my adenoids and said I need like steroid nose spray and stuff like that, allergy meds. Not cool. Should just leave Queensland again lol. Oh, and on Friday night a bunch of us went and saw the Lion King in 3D lol it was fun.

On Saturday I had to go to work, it was a long tiring day. They didn’t tell me I’d be doing half the day on the basketball game so I forgot my hat and in turn got burnt. :(. There was a guy there training me on it too and we were bored and played 1 on 1 basketball. I won 10-7. Pretty funny. We almost ended up having a bit of a crowd watching, just a few people passing by here and there laughing and stuff lol. I rule apparently.

On Saturday night a bunch of us went over to Rhiannas and had a bonfire camp out little thing, it was pretty fun. Shane had to leave super early in the morning at 4am to go up to Townsville or Mackay or something unfortunately. So yeah. Good night.

On Sunday Rhianna and I went to the pet store with Cruz to get something for his ticks, and then went over to her parents house where we had a nice little lunch with her family lol. We also watched Mars Needs Moms with her dad lol. Played with the dogs for a little bit, and then went back to Rhiannas. I came home, finished packing my room, took more stuff over to Nicoles place, talked to her for a little bit. Then finally came home and yeah!

That’s the week really…. laters!

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