Day 524, 525, 526, 527, 528, 529, and 530!

I’m not sure what I did on Monday, Day 524. I think the day was spent cleaning Mum’s house before they came to take photos that afternoon for the online listing. While cleaning though, this dog randomly appeared in our drive way. So Jordy and I played with her for a few hours, her name was Marli, said her collar. There was a phone number on the collar but it was off, and no answer. Took her for a walk around the block, she walked us to this house down the street but no answer there. Eventually the lady rang me back and was all “OMG! Is she still with you?! Is she okay?! etc” turns out the house Marli took us to WAS the house she’s been staying at with her owner and the owners sister. They hadn’t even been there very long at all but Marli knew to go back there. She was such a lovely smart dog, she was also a border collie x cattle dog 🙂 I knew it as soon as I saw her, she’s the dog I want! And she appeared to me the day before my birthday! 🙂 Haha, but no, she went home to her family, she was very excited to see them again. The lady also gave me a scratchy and I won $12, happy birthday! lol.

Tuesday, was my birthday! It was pretty lame. I went to work, came home, did nothing. Had nachos for dinner, and some cake. Mum layby’d an Xbox for me, still gotta pay off half of it, so I kind of still really got nothing for my birthday haha. That’s the only thing I got anyways. Turning 20 sucked really. Work was tiring. Yarda yarda.

Wednesday was supposed to be my day off, and I had a centrelink appt in the morning which I went to, but then afterwards I was called in to work so off I went. Long day. That night Kahni & I went to dinner at Montezumas with dad, t’was good.

Thursday I had to work again, tiring. That night I went to Robina to meet up with Michelle & Kalindi and we were going to meet up/say hi to Tafe people cause they were doing a catch up thing. Didn’t stay with them long, had to go get some stuff at the shops before they shut, ran into Chantelle and her boyfriend, so they came with us. Then we went to Max Brenners and hung out with more of Michelles friends lol. Eventually some of us decided we wanted Gloria Jeans instead so we went there. Ran into Mel & co, and Nick’s back! So then I said hi to them for a bit. Then eventually everyone went home! Long day!

Friday, I’m not sure what I did during the day. But in the evening, Rhianna came to pick me up and we were going to meet people at Burleigh for dinner. We were going to bring her dogs, Cruz & Callais, but I found a huge tick on Callais, and Rhianna said she’d been walking a bit funny. So we went back to her parents house where we spent some time getting the tick out of her. She seemed fine, except for a bit of a limp in one leg. So we left the dogs there and went off to Burleigh. Met up with Pat & Amanda, then Ashley joined soon after. We had fish & chips and stuff at one of the places there, it was good. We all sat and talked for ages. Fun fun.

Saturday morning we quickly cleaned up more before an open house inspection. Went to breakfast, and also went and cleaned our cars. Rhianna had to go to work too, but she had said Callais had gotten much worse.  She said Shane’s mum was going to go over there and check on her and take her to the vet, but when Rhianna finished work, she rang her, and she was still asleep, hadn’t checked on her. So I was already out and headed over to their place to check on Callais while Rhianna drove back from Dreamworld.

Callais was okay, but her legs were pretty bad. When I got there she got excited and brought her play shoe over, the one she wants you to throw for her. She sat it infront of me and stared at it, waiting. Even though her legs were quite paralyzed and giving way, she just wanted to chase the damn shoe! Anyways, we decided to take her to the vet. It was closed though being a Saturday afternoon, so we had to go to one over in Ashmore. When we got there and spoke to them and got a price quote, Rhianna called Shane and he said he didn’t want to pay it, and to take her home, “she’ll be right”. But she wasn’t good. I carried her into the vet and out too, too many steps for her. Her legs kept giving way, it wasn’t good at all.  We drove back to Rhiannas parents place and tried to figure out what to do. We rang the RSPCA/AWL to see how much they’d charge, rang whoever we could think of that may know information etc. Eventually I ended up ringing up the vet we’d just seen and basically just explained how we can’t pay it but what else can we do? So she gave me a list of instructions and stuff and basically we hoped for the best. Then I went home, and that was that.

Sunday, today, I had to go to work. It was a long day, yeah. Also, Callais got worse, but she did end up seeing the vet and now she’s there getting treated. Rhiannas dad paid the deposit, and Shanes brother is to pay him back and pay the rest when he picks her up on Tuesday. Poor Callais, it’s going to cost more and take longer all because no one wanted to pay it yesterday but today they finally agreed. Sigh. But yeah. Watched Terra Nova tonight, that new show. Looks like it has potential, but we’ll see hey. I’m tired now and off to bed, laters!

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