Day 531, 532, 533, 534, 535, 536, and 537!


Monday, Day 531, I have NO idea what I did… sorry :\

Tuesday, Day 532 however, was Kahni’s birthday. So Happy Birthday to Kahni for that. I also went to work this day, and found out I was given a “Shining Star Award” which really isn’t much, it’s just like a business card sized bit of paper that says “well done!” etc. You have to collect at least 5 of them to trade them in for anything. If you get like 20+ I think you can swap them for a swim with the dolphins or something else cool like that, there’s a whole list of things. But yep. That was the day. That night the whole family + some of Kahni’s friends went out to dinner. Her friend thought I was in Grade 9, but then when we laughed and said no, she said Grade 7 :\ how embarrassing for me.

On Wednesday I had to go into Centrelink to talk more things over with them. I went to Rhiannas place first, then we went to Centrelink. Then after that we went to Robina for a bit. Ran into some people, said hi, etc. Then we had to get back to Nerang to meet up with Pat for lunch. Then we picked up Rhiannas mum from her work, and back to Rhiannas. Then I headed home, and I don’t remember what I did that night haha.

Thursday, Steve Jobs, the Apple guy, sadly died, so that was sad news for the day. I honestly can’t remember what else I did either..

Friday, I had to work. Can’t remember much else for the day, except I was there for ages like I got out really late. I made way more money than the others though, like I beat my last week record, which another guy beat by $100 this week, but then on this day, I smashed the record again, making over $1000 😉 I’m just THAT good.

Saturday we had a house inspection so had to clean up the house in the morning, then go out while it was on, come back, etc. That afternoon I had to pick Kahni up from work & take Lukas to work. Afterwards Kahni decided she wanted to do something so we went to Robina where we went to JB Hi Fi & she bought a car stereo for her car. Then we went down to Grandma’s place to pick up her new-ish TV that she told me I could have. It’s pretty sweet, like it plays movies off USB and everything, so I was overly excited about that. Watched Bad Teacher on it too. So cool. Oh, we also went over to Dave’s that night, Kahni & I did. Martin & Anthony were up so we caught up with them for a little bit. They were all drinking though and got pretty drunk, so we didn’t stay too long lol.

Sunday, today. Another house inspection, so same routine out of the house etc. Went to Maccas with mum & ran into Mel, Erin & Nick so I said hi to them quickly. Had to pick Lukas & Kahni up at 1 from their works, and then head over to Dave/dad’s place for a family BBQ type thing. Robbie, Grandma, Martin, & Anthony were all there. Plus Dave. Michelle was too but she went to sleep cause she wasn’t feeling well. We left there at about 3.45 cause we had to get Lukas to work. So we dropped him off at work, then went back to Robina so we could go to Big W & I picked up my Xbox! 😮 Came home, set it up. And been playing it all night. We borrowed Lukas’s Black Ops game and a controller too. So when he got back from work before he played a round with me, apparently I suck. I have much to learn. I thought I did alright actually… HAHA. :\ oh well.

Anyways! That’s that. Gonna go watch Super 8 and then sleep. Night!

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