Day 538, 539, 540, 541, 542, 543, and 544!

Monday, well… Frankly I can’t remember what I did on Monday. I think I was home all day, watching movies and playing Xbox on the new TV and not being social at all!

Tuesday, I worked! Was an alright day, pretty slow though now that school holidays are over..

Wednesday was a lazy day, movies and Xbox. Such is life! I think Thursday again was the same.. I’m terrible!

I really wanted to go to the drive in movies, all week! But no one wanted to go with me! 😦

Friday, shit. I don’t know. Probably the same as the rest of the week… I’m so bad at this! I need to start making myself little mental notes..

On Saturday morning we got up early to clean the house for the inspection, went out for breakfast, etc. Kahni and I decided we wanted to go look at some garage sales so we did. Was pretty successful actually. We found a turtle and tank and accessories for sale, $350. Apparently, Lukas has always wanted a turtle. So Kahni and I played with it and asked the people for questions etc then said we’d go home and think about it.

There was a huge storm Saturday afternoon too, pretty hectic. Came suddenly and went nuts then left.. We’d gotten our cars parked up the road undercover at the shops thankfully cause there was some hail. Was exciting to watch the storm, missed that in Vancouver. After the storm I was supposed to go out to Canungra for a friends birthday, but didn’t. So alas the night was spent lame at home.

Kahni talked to Lukas about the turtle, he said he wanted it and he’d even pay some. So, they texted the people and said would they take $300, they said yes. So, we then had claim of a turtle!

Sunday, today. I went to work. It was a super long day, and it was way too hot and sweaty and gross. I got burnt a little bit too even, crazy. Still managed to make quite a bit of money though 😉 Especially good considering it’s not school holidays. I’m just that good! 😉 When I got home finally, had dinner quickly, then Kahni and I headed out to get this turtle. We went in Kahnis car, and the tank just fitted in the back seat. Couldn’t fit the stand though, so the lady followed us in her car back to Lukas’s to drop it off, so that was nice of her lol. We set the tank up in his room, put the drop solution stuff in, and took the turtle back with us back home.

Picked up Lukas from work, played with the turtle. Took Lukas back home, settled the turtle back into his tank, etc. Then we left there and went over to Ashley’s place where she gave me a bunch of movies and season 2 of Pretty Little Liars, except for episode 8 and 10 unfortunately! 😦 Haha all is good though. Now I’m home and ready for bed. So I’m off. Might be going to Stanthorpe tomorrow for the week…. stock up on movies! Laters!

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