Day 552, 553, 554, 555, 556, 557, and 558!

Sorry, it’s Monday morning now, should have blogged last night… anywhoooo…

LAST Monday, I was still in Stanthorpe, didn’t really do anything exciting, just kept watching movies and playing with the dogs. Same goes for Tuesday. Except on Tuesday (I think it was Tuesday, not Wednesday..) I took Shep in to town to go to the vet to get his nails clipped because I didn’t want to do them myself haha.

Wednesday was another chilled movie day. I rented some DVD’s either on this day or Tuesday, don’t remember. And I watched them all pretty quickly.

Thursday I spent the day cleaning up the house, that was fun. I’ve been sick ever since Thursday too. The dust set off my allergies and turned into a head cold and it sucks 😦

Friday I drove back to the Coast. I was supposed to go out for Michelle’s 20th, but I felt too tired from the drive & sick from my cold, so I didn’t go 😦

Saturday I rested my cold, and then that afternoon went and picked up Rhianna & Abbey & Pat and we went to Nicoles surprise 21st birthday party thing, which was also mixed with her sister Natalie’s Halloween party. So it was a good night. Abbey and I dropped Pat to his and then Rhianna to hers at around 1, then came back to Nicoles until everyone decided to go to bed around 3.30, Abbey stayed there cause she was getting picked up for work in the morning & I came home.

Sunday I picked Kahni up from work and we saw a garage sale on the way home, so we went lol. Then when we got home we looked at a heap of rental places and rang one up and arranged a viewing for Monday.

We also went and picked Lukas up from work and then went over to Robina to meet up with Dad & Grandma for coffee…. but we got Tim Tam drinks lol. So we talked to them for a bit and stuff, but then Kahni & Lukas wanted to go see a movie so we went and saw Paranormal Activity 3. Which was kind of a let down really. After that we dropped Lukas back off at work and came home. Storm came, so Kahni & I had to get the trailer out of the garage & put Kahnis car in the garage, then I had to drive my car over to Robina and park it undercover and wait it out. On the way home I picked up Lukas and took him back to ours. We ate foods and what not, Lukas got his stuff, then we took him back to his place. Then came home, and went to bed. The end!

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