Day 559, 560, 561, 562, 563, 564, and 565!

Monday was Halloween, I don’t remember what I did during the day, but that afternoon/night Jordy and I dropped Kahni off at work (Mum & Monte were in Bundaberg), and then we decided we better go over to Woolworths & get some candy cause we’d already had some kids knock on the door. Awkwardly, and strangely enough, Jordy decided he didn’t want to participate in Halloween, because it’s “not Australian” and also “anti-Christian” awkward right?

It was so funny cause someone knocked at the door to trick or treat, and he basically told them we’re not participating and they can’t knock because our porch lights weren’t on. After he closed the door on them, he sighed & said “I guess we better get some candy” funniest thing I’ve ever witnessed haha. So that’s why we got some candy. And only two groups came after that 😦 So we had a huge bowl of candy left over that night to pig out on anyways.

Tuesday, Rhianna came here and I drove us to IKEA. That was a mission and a half getting there and walking around for over two hours. Good fun though, bought a bunch of useless things. I don’t know what I need for moving out until I actually move out. I don’t remember if I said that last week, but I FOUND A PLACE TO LIVE! Way way way overly excited and I can’t wait. Need to buy so much crap though.

Anyways, after IKEA we came back here and swapped cars and then Rhianna drove us to the new Masters store, like Bunnings, it’s American apparently. Then we drove to Surfers for her job interview. Then we ended up at Robina too. Eventually we were so worn out from walking around shopping all day that I came home and slept haha.

Wednesday, don’t remember what I did during the day, but that night Mum, Kahni & I drove up to see Poppy in the hospital, so that was something.

Thursday I rang up work to check my roster for next week, but turns out I’m not on it, they must have thought I was still away. So they’ve put me on the call board. I ended up getting called in like a few hours after I called up lol so I had to go in to work then. It was a slow day, only three of us running 6 games. I was doing 3 games myself, crazy.

Oh, I saw this video going around on Facebook, so funny. It’s a puppy that fakes his own death basically, he’s running around crazy while this other dog is standing there watching him, he gets close to the other dog who playfully nips his neck, and the puppy freezes up and literally falls over sideways playing dead. It’s just too damn funny. Check it,

On Friday, I got called in to work again. But I wasn’t working in games, it ended up being me, another lady, helping two of the managers with moving stuff from one shop to another. It was such a physically demanding day. I wasn’t ready for it lol. We were packing things, writing transfers, filling up the carts and pushing them all the way up the hill to the other shop, unpacking them, etc etc. Just crazy. Ended up getting to talk to people I normally don’t though, like the photo centre people, so that was cool. We all had lunch at the same time too, so for once I actually had a group of people to have lunch with at work lol. Sucks I don’t get my lunch breaks with them though normally, they seemed like cool people.

Saturday I didn’t get called in to work, ended up picking Kahni up from the Marymount fete at 2, then getting home & quickly sorting out the last few things for the house inspection. Then we took the dogs down to the park and waited. No one came, lame. So back inside. Kahni had to work that night too, so I picked her up at like 10, then came home and slept.

Today, 6.20am, Kahni woke me up to take her to work. So I had to. Very tiring. I got home and couldn’t get back to sleep right away so I was checking Gumtree for some more good furniture to buy as I do lol. Then fell asleep until like 10ish. I was still really tired though. Had to pick Kahni up at 2 again. Lukas was there too. So we came home and again prepared for the house inspection. Took the dogs out to the park. Waited longer this time cause someone was there. And yeah, after that back inside. Dropped Lukas at work earlier, came home and had dinner. Ended up watching first 3 episodes of Gossip Girl season 5. Oh, also watched the last few episodes of first half of Pretty Little Liars season 2 lol. I like my TV shows & movies, if you can’t tell..

OH! I watched V For Vendetta on Friday night also, cause I was told I had to watch it before the 5th November, if you’ve seen it you’ll understand. Remember remember, the 5th of November.

Anywhoo, going to shower and go to bed now, that’s a lie, I’m sure I’ll watch a movie before I actually go to bed lol. Night!

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