Day 566, 567, 568, 569, 570, 571, and 572!

Monday I had to go to Upper Coomera to go to this fairy floss guys place to have some kind of interview/learn to make fairy floss. So I was there for like an hour and a half, covered in sugar. Good fun. Bit strange though, but seemed okay.. Oh, Monday was also Nicoles 21st! Yay! And Victorias too haha. Happy Birthday!

Tuesday I went down to SCU with mum, pretty much spent the day doing that and nothing else that I can think of at all..

Wednesday I got a call from that dog training place I’d applied for to be a ‘trainee dog trainer’, so I was pretty excited about that. Was told to come up on Saturday morning to meet the lady etc, so then there was the wait!

Thursday Rhianna was bored and came by to collect me, although we went out in my car lol. We went to Robina for a little bit, then over to Shanes old place to pick up Cruz and then drove up to Upper Coomera & collected Nicole & her dog Barney and went to this pet store that has a huge 50% off sale haha, exciting stuff. Then afterwards dropped Nicole & Barney off, then Cruz, then back home to get Rhianna to her own car haha.

Friday morning I went to Centrelink nice and early with Dad, they were no help at all, screwed me around again. So over it lol. Don’t think I did much else that afternoon.

Saturday morning I left nice and early to drive an hour to where the dog trainings located at. I got there an hour early so I waited around. Eventually 9am came and I went in there awkwardly. Met the lady who runs it, had an interview type thing. I think she was pretty impressed with how much I already knew, so that’s good. Basically, she was gonna get me to sign the contract/forms right there, but I said I’d have to think it over, talk to Centrelink etc, cause it’s not paid for like 6 months minimum and stuff so I had to work out how much time I could devote to it, with an income, etc. So yep, going to call her back tomorrow though and accept it anyways, I’ll definitely be able to give up Saturdays to it so that’s better than nothing. 🙂

Sunday I didn’t really do anything at all, went to Maccas with Mum & Jordy & went through drive through to tell Kahni she’s grounded, hilarious. Now I’m watching Season 1 of Offspring, an Aussie show. Not bad at all actually haha.

Anyways, that’s that really. Laters!

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