Day 580, 581, 582, 583, 584, 585 and 586!

On Monday I got called in to work, so I gladly accepted haha. So that’s what I did all day. A kid came in with chicken pox apparently, so that was fun paranoia by all the staff after he touched everything haha.

Don’t think I really did anything at all on Tuesday or Wednesday. Family was away in Bundaberg. Think I just watched a heap of movies. Also made a casserole 😮 haha Masterchef skill.

Thursday I had to go in to Centrelink in the morning, then chilled all day I think ? Haha. I’m really terrible at remembering things…

Friday marked a year since we were in LA spending Thanksgiving there, had IHOP for breakfast, AND dinner! Good fun. Don’t think I actually did anything that day haha.

Saturday, went up to dog training. I picked Shelley up on the way to carpool & off we went. It was a good day too, learned heaps. There was also a dead snake in one of the gardens, and no dog had found it until the older puppy play group right at the end haha, we stopped them from touching it though but at least they pointed out what the gross smell was!

Sunday, today, I watched more movies and played Xbox, so yeah. Pretty average. I’m watching View From The Top at the moment haha. Travel bug.

Anyways, off now. Laters!

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