Day 587, 588, 589, 590, 591, 592 and 593!

Monday, day 587………….. I apparently didn’t do all that much, cause I can’t remember and Facebook can’t remind me..

Tuesday, I found a super cute puppy… Dad’s a border collie, and mum’s a border collie x cattle dog.. the puppy is super cute. But alas, I think he’s found a home now already 😦

Wednesday, nothing… again? God, what am I doing with my life? Basically every time I say I did nothing… I really mean I sat around all day probably watching movies, while researching a heck load of things on dog training, and probably also things on visas to the US… I’ve become a pro at these two subjects. Oh, I also probably spent more time finding photos & thinking of ideas for 😀

Thursday, Jenna Marbles, a YouTube ‘star’ posted her weekly video blog thing. This one was about “What Bitches Wear At The Airport” I found it hilarious, cause it’s just so true! The amount of times you get stuck behind someone JUST like this! Made me laugh. Warning, I think she swears quite a bit haha.

Friday, I decided on a new career path. I want to train animals/dogs to be in movies, TV, commercials, photoshoots, etc etc. I think it would be fascinating. That’s what I enjoy more anyways, trick training rather than obedience training….. But of course, trick training only comes about once you’ve mastered obedience.. But still! It would be a really interesting career. Combining my like of both the film industry, and dog training. Just makes sense, no?

Saturday I had to work at Seaworld, rather than go to dog training. Wish I’d gotten to work a different day at Seaworld though in order to have gone to dog training! :(. Oh well. It was a long day though anyways. I was on basketball again all day, super hot too. Didn’t make as much $$ as usual as it was pretty quiet. But I still made a fairly average amount, and yeah. Very tiring day, I fell asleep soon after I got home..

Sunday, today, I did some more research on my chosen topics lol. Seems like it’s pretty impossible for me to move to the US. Oh, and if I was to win a green card, I’d also have to take a medical exam. How awkward. I don’t like the idea of that one bit!

Tonight, I went down to firetwirling at Burleigh for the first time in forever. Like since way before I left. It’s changed so much. It’s now gone from being a “everyone can join in the fire circle” type thing, to a “watch our show/routine, don’t get in the way. If we want you to come in the circle, we’ll specifically choose you from the crowd!!” it’s stupid. Heaaaaps of people crowd around the circle and sit and watch, and clap every time they do something. Like I understand it’s cool and all but it’s not what it used to be. I would feel very out of place now if I was to go along with my fire stuff. I feel like I would be booed out of the circle, or chased out by the fire twirlers. Or you know, stage fright. That’d happen too. So yeah, not cool.

I went down with Rhianna and she brought Cruz along. Her sister was with us too, and Paige, Abbey & Alex also met up with us down there. Pat & Amanda came along for a little bit too. We played frisbee for a bit in the afternoon before it got dark enough for the firetwirlers to start. Cruz had a blast chasing us/the frisbee. But he still didn’t get the frisbee at all. He would chase it until it stops and he’d stand next to it and wait for you to come throw it again…. Silly dog.

Anyways, I’m super tired now and working tomorrow so I better head off to bed. Night!

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