Day 594, 595, 596, 597, 598, 599 and 600!


On Monday, Day 594 I was off to work! It was a slow day in the sense that there wasn’t as many customers as usual, although it was hectic due to only having 3 of us running 6 games. I was doing 3 games on my own. So breaks came really late and it was hectic….

Tuesday, work again. Same deal, 3 people 6 games. Wasn’t as chaotic, us 3 managed it so much better than Monday’s 3 haha. I was again running all 3 games on the other side so seeing as I had no one else there to entertain me, I decided to entertain myself. So I tied all the little keyring animal prizes to my belt and had a monkey wrapped around my arm lol. A lady came up to me as she walked by and was like “you must have the best job!!” I was like it can be enjoyable! I don’t always have my animals though! Then she said I was like Noah, cause I had an “ark” with all the animals on me haha. It was funny.

Mum also went to Hong Kong Tues night, lucky her!

Wednesday, I went to Robina with Rhianna & her sister Michelle. We shopped around for awhile, Rhianna attempted some Christmas shopping haha. Pretty average day at Robina anyways. We got really tired of walking around and sat down at Gloria Jeans for awhile with some drinks. I had a cookies & creme drink this time instead of a Tim Tam drink! Om nom nom still. We were going to see a movie, but nothing good was on around then and we didn’t want to wait hours. So we just all went home. Rhianna had given me the newest Gossip Girl episodes as well as Pretty Little Liars so I spent the night catching up on them!

Thursday I was trying to win tickets to the Foo Fighters concert on the radio, but alas I didn’t succeed cause the idiots never answered my calls, just kept ringing out every time. Wasn’t engaged like usually in competitions, just rung out! I was so mad. Oh well. I also watched The Mummy & The Mummy Returns with Jordy cause he was too scared to watch them by himself haha.

Friday, I’m not sure what I did. Kept trying to win tickets to the concert, still no luck. Oh, I had to go to Centrelink, twice. To sort out everything. That took up most of the day. Also went over to Rhiannas with Kahni so Kahni could buy one of their old fish tanks for Lukas’s turtle cause they broke the one they had… Fail.

Saturday, had to get up nice and early to head up to dog training! Yay! It was pissing down rain though the whole way up there so that was an exciting drive. We had a staff meeting at the beginning, just going over things for next year. Got so much to do! It’s going to be a very hectic year for me next year…. I don’t even know where to start..! I have to renew my first aid cert, as well as getting a dog first aid cert, might be getting a blue card just cause they’re free at the moment. Gotta do all that by March. In Feb I’ll be starting full time uni, and in April I’ll need to start the Cert 4 for dog training on top of uni and work and dog training etc… Oh, I’m also thinking of doing a Government funded Cert 2 in security/crowd control through Centrelink, so I could get some occasional work at sporting events/concerts/etc.. Seems like it would be cool, and it’s a free course, so why not! Helloooo hectic year… I’m going to be insanely qualified for random shit!

Anyway, back to the day! Didn’t get any learning in as one of the classes due to the rain ended up being over in another location in Cleveland so half the group went over there for that class, while a few of us stayed back to do the puppy class in the shed. They only needed the trainer for that class as well as one assistant, so 3 of us ended up just doing a quiz/test sheet Alex had done up on prices and vaccinations and heaps of other things lol that was difficult, I don’t know the prices and stuff yet.. ahh.

After the puppy class, we set up for our doggy/customer Christmas party. The rain had cleared up by then thankfully but we still put two tent/cover things up just in case anyways. Had some food & soft drinks out and we had some games & prizes too, good fun. Games like who can do the fastest sit, then fastest drop, best tail wag, best doggy kisses etc lol pretty funny.

After the party, we all packed up and everyone headed home. I had to give Dee a hand getting all the stuff back to her place as her car was full. I had to take the eski, the folded up table, and her 15 yr old Beagle called Phantom haha. Ex-customs dog. He sat in my front seat, just chilling. So I followed them back to Dee’s place and dropped the stuff off. Also got to get a shirt finally so now I fit in with the rest of the group in purple shirts haha. I was the odd one out in my black random shirt..

Sunday, today, Jordy, Monte & I went to breakfast at Cucina Mia. Then afterwards Jordy & I went over to Robina to do some Christmas shopping. We just looked at a heap of things, but never actually got anything cause he was feeling sick with a cold so we came home. I dropped him off there and went back over to Robina though cause the storm was coming in so I parked & waited & got a little bit of Christmas shopping started… Came home, chilled. Haha. Watched Our Idiot Brother tonight, such a good movie actually. I enjoyed it.

Anywhoo, now I’m off to bed. Work tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that. Nah, that’s a lie, with this weather I probably will be lucky to actually get at least 1 of my 3 scheduled days… Stupid rain. Although I do like the rain, it means much cooler weather! Maybe we can just manage to skip past the whole of summer!!! Wouldn’t that be brilliant! I’m so not ready for the Australian summers…

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