Day 601, 602, 603, 604, 605, 606 and 607!


Well, Monday day 601 I worked. How exciting!

Tuesday I was supposed to work but switched my shift for Thursday cause someone couldn’t do their Thurs etc. So I dunno what I did, Xmas shopping, maybe?

Wednesday I had to do stocktake in the morning which meant I had to be at work at 6.15am! What a pain. We were finished that by about 9, so I stayed around a bit to watch the new Spongebob show. Went to dads work to get him to sign something, over to Centrelink, back home… Finally sat down and the phone rings again asking me if I can come in to work!? I said I’d just left there.. but she was like “…..and? Can you come in??” soooo I went in AGAIN, cause I’m awesome.

Thursday, worked. Then that night I took Jordy over to Robina to do some more Xmas shopping!

Friday I didn’t do much, I think I took advantage of the chillaxing day.

Saturday Jordy and I went back to the shops for more shopping, it never ends! Everyone’s been sick here too so I’m trying my hardest not to catch it as well! 😦

Saturday night I went with Angie to the drive in movies! We saw Puss In Boots and also Jack & Jill. They weren’t too bad, like I’ve definitely seen much more worse movies than Jack & Jill, yet it’s being slaughtered basically by critics…. Really, I didn’t mind it hey….

Sunday, today, I slept most of the day as I felt a little bit sick. Then at about 2 I got up and got ready and headed up to Cleveland for my work (other work, aka dog training)’s Christmas party! It was pretty fun. We played Charades lol that was not easy.. Watched Ellyse & Alex play “Just Dance” on the Wii lol Bollywood style.. And yeah, just whatever else. Was good fun. Got to know a lot of them better too so now I know a bit more about the people I work with :).

Anywhoo, my eye is playing up again, it’s really annoying me. Pretty sure there’s no way I’m going to be able to see a doctor though before Christmas or New Years even with everything else that has to be done. So I dunno. But it’s really bugging me 😦

So yep, night!

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