Day 608, 609, 610, 611, 612, 613 and 614!

Evening, and Merry Christmas!

Monday I had to work all day on the basketball game. Fun fun.

Tuesday the same, except they had 7 new kids training in games so every hour or so they sent one down to me on basketball to teach them that haha.  So that’s what I did.

Wednesday I had a day off, thankfully, cause I’d also woken up with the cold everyone else here has had. So, I watched 5 movies. Mission Impossible 1-3, From Justin To Kelly, and Stuck On You. I’m so exciting, right?

Thursday I woke up feeling a bit better, and straight back in to work. I had training on pedal boats at 8am until about 11. During the training we got to pedal one of the boats out around the Seaworld lake, as well as driving the tinny out to practice getting the boats towed back in etc. Good fun 🙂 Afterwards though, I wasn’t rostered on but they asked me to stay back and help move stock from one store to another, so I agreed. I ended up not finishing until 5.40pm, so it was a good solid work day. Came home and pretty much went straight to bed.

Friday, I worked 1-5.30 I think, moving stock again. We were spose to do pedal boats but due to the rain we got cancelled for that so just moved stuff instead. Hectic. That night Mum, Monte, Jordy & I went to Cold Rock, watched the waves at the beach, went and saw a house with Christmas lights, and then headed home. Mum & I also went back over to Robina to finish off some Christmas shopping!

Saturday, Christmas Eve! …. Had to work lol. 8-1.30 this time. It was hectic as. I was spose to move stock again, but seeing as there was hardly ANYONE in the park at that time, especially retail staff, someone had called in sick over at the Resort so they wanted me to go over there and open it up?!? I’ve never even used a register, and I have no clue in the world anything to do with the resort, like, I don’t even think I’d ever been in there! So this was very concerning. But one of the supervisors was going to drive me over there and help set up etc, and luckily on the way out the front doors we ran in to this other lady, Diane, who normally works all the time in the main Seaworld Shop so thankfully we just scooped her up and took her over there too! At least she’d know how to use the register! We were basically all clueless though for the resort, not good! But when we got there, we scooped up yet another person, this time another manager/supervisor thing who we dragged along, so the four of us are walking around the resort quick as trying to work out how to open/set up the shop. It was such chaos!

Eventually Diane had it under control so my supervisor and I headed back over to Seaworld. Seeing as Diane was over at the resort though, it meant I would then have to open the Seaworld Shop!! Just as crazy, if you ask me. So I had to do that myself, gah. Someone from games joked around later when I told them and said “You know you’ve made it when you open the Seaworld shop!” ahaha. But yep. That was the crazy morning. Thankfully the rest of the day was chilled with just moving stock again lol.

That afternoon I had to go pick up Grandma and take her to Dads/Daves place. Stayed there to talk to them all for a little bit before heading back home. Wrapped some more presents, cooked my vegetarian lasagne etc. Then we all sat down to open some presents. I was really excited to get Guitar Hero instruments! But unfortunately due to being secondhand and from eBay, the drums don’t work, and one of the two guitars is pretty dodgy/going to break soon. So I was pretty devastated really… So Mum & I are going to go to JB Hi Fi tomorrow morning and hope one of the stores on the coast still has that $89 band bundle set for sale and buy that and try and get a refund from the eBay person, hopefully it all works out! I just want to play the drums! 😦

Sunday, today, aka Christmas! I was the first up, around 7am, don’t know why. Once I’m up, I’m up. It wasn’t until just after 9 that everyone else got up, having to drag Kahni out of bed to all go downstairs and open the rest of the presents. All good fun though. Oh, I got a unicycle! Thanks mother! We put it together, can’t really ride it out front though, need to find a better surface. Considering how long it’s been since I rode one, I thought I did pretty good ;). Need to pump the tire up a bit more, finally got the seat to stay in place. Haha I was thinking I can do like a “Pimp My Unicycle” and add some fancy bike accessories on to it, like cool lights on the wheel that when it spins they light up etc, or like a funny valve cap lol just random stuff like that. Maybe I can strap a torch on to it somewhere for riding in the dark 😉 haha. I dunno. Just need to find a surface to ride on, and start juggling finally!

Lots of people came around here today for Christmas celebrations. It was crowded. Lots of food was made and eaten, but still lots left over! Left overs for the next week! All good fun. In the afternoon Kahni and I went over to Dad/Daves place to say Merry Xmas to all them etc, that was good too. Although one of the other people there, Michelles sister, maybe? I’m not sure. Anyways, she had a little chihuahua with her visiting & somehow he got out and ran off. So we all went out looking for him. Kahni and I got in the car and drove around looking, asking everyone we saw. On our journey we ended up discovering that there was also a man who’s two dobermans had gotten out earlier, he was very distraught looking for them, poor guy. Also a dalmatian was out/loose. We saw him from a distance but by the time we did a U turn we’d lost him somewhere and didn’t know where.. Just wasn’t a very good day for dogs in that one area! :S In the end the chihuahua was found so that was good.

Came back home, ate some left overs, played some Guitar Hero on the only fairly working guitar. Realized I suck big time at guitar, I just want to play the drums so badly! D: But yeah, now I’m really tired so I might head off to bed soon. Up nice and early to head out to the shops for these “sales” before I have to go to work at like 12.30. So yeaaah, that’s that. Merry Christmas all, enjoy! Next blog post will be next year ;o 😉

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