Day 615, 616, 617, 618, 619, 620, and 621!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to 2012, still no flying cars or anything else that fancy…

Monday, day 615 was Boxing day. Super chaos everywhere, I just don’t understand why people don’t just stay home and enjoy the public holiday! Either way, we still went out and hit the shops haha. We were on a mission though, to find Guitar Hero! Which, we did! It was down at Tweed city so we had to drive all the way down there to get it. While there, Mum figured we get a 2nd one to sell cause they were so cheap. But unfortunately we just ended up selling it to Kahni/Lukas for the price we bought it at 😦 haha.  Anywaysss, after all that I had to get to work. Lots of traffic trying to get there. Carpark was full as. Insane. Worked 1-5, in pedal boats then games. Averagee.

Tuesday, my only day off this week! Mum & I went to pick up my 2nd unicycle in the afternoon, it came with a stand for only $20. So now I have two 🙂 One is more for like grassy ground, the other is more flat ground. Now I just need to go find somewhere to ride them! Not really sure what else I did, watched movies maybe? I dunno. Slept!

Wednesday, back to work again. I ended up having to do some vending training in the morning, then work in midway, then do pedal boats for half an hour, then back to midway.. good fun. Came home and just slept  I think!

Thursday, more work! Pedal boats again. That night I dragged Jordy late night shopping with me. Bought the DVD ‘One Day’ cause I read the book a few months ago! Movie was good too.

Friday I got called in to work in one of the shops. I’d never done the shops before but they threw me right in there and apparently I did really well haha. They wanted to request I get asked to work more often in that shop haha. It rained like crazy for the last half of the day, so when I was walking from the middle of the park, to the front of the park, to the end of the carpark and beyond to the grass carpark, I was DRENCHED. Nice and cold and dripping wet, fun fun.

Saturday I did 9-6 vending. That was hectic. It’s just go go go go go, never ending in vending, and just two people doing it! Ahh. Crazy. But I survived. It rained on us a bit, and we were out front for a bit too selling things, making sure these people also didn’t hit my car cause they parked in a 3/4 parking space next to me that car’s aren’t supposed to park in!  Haha.

Saturday night, New Years Eve! I headed out to Ashley’s place in Mudgeeraba… actually, her driveway & street is in Mudgeeraba, but the land/house is actually in Bonogin… Weird as.. Anywhoo, there was about 8 of us. We ended up playing Pictionary for a few hours haha. I was on Pats team, and we were losing badly. But it was nearly midnight so we decided next round winners win the whole game…………. AND WE WON. Ahahaha, it was a great victory. We went up to the top of Strawberry drive or whatever it’s called to watch the fireworks over the whole of the Gold Coast, so that was cool. Was kinda a bit too far away though that the fireworks all just looked really weird haha. But yeah, after that I went and had a nap in my car cause I was really tired from working all day. Rhianna and Shane were having a little ‘camp out’ in their car too next to mine so we figured we’d just came out there haha. We’ve decided we want to go real camping now….. cause this was bland lol. But still funny. I woke up again at like 6 so I came home to sleep in my bed.

Sunday, after having come home to my bed, got up later and went to work. I don’t know why I left home at 11, rather than 11.30, but I was nice and early to work.. So I just waited around. On my way to work I saw some idiot people trying to change their tire in the inside lane of the round about! Then I saw an accident in front of me when I was near work…. I think the person in the right lane, both lanes were only to go straight! I think the right lane car tried to turn left? But the left lane smashed in to its side then… Something like that… Made that horrible crunching metal noise that I don’t like lol.

Work was tiring as usual. Did boats & end of basketball too. Effort. Now I’m super tired and sore. Already watched the 3rd Narnia movie and now watching Underworld. Day 1 of movie list and I’m already on two movies 😉 haha winning. Oh, speaking of that list…. I only made 282 movies for 2011. Poor effort. Better luck this year!

In 2011, I’ve had a total of 4 jobs, 5 if you count the fairy floss job I got here but never ended up doing haha. I spent my first summer in the US, moved out of Vancouver, moved back in with my family, unfortunately I can’t say I moved out again though, cause the tenants still haven’t pissed off so it’s going to be a few more days still… but basically moved out again :P. I can’t think of anything else interesting I did really. But yeah. Ready for bed now, once Underworld finishes. Night!

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