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Wow, my bad!

Well, Nicole’s a champ and figured out my little mathematical issue… I went from 586 to 867! Oh man, I lol’d. No one even noticed because everyone stopped reading once I got back here! …. Now, do I go through and fix it up.. or…..


Day 622, 623, skip a few… and day 710!

(Ignore everything about the days!!)

So I’m just taking a rough shot in the dark here at it being day 710, someone correct me if I’m wrong..

I’m a bit confused too, 365 x 2 is not over 1000! And it’s almost coming up to 2 years since I left to go to Canada, so why are the days sooo much further ahead?? SOMEONE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME! :(. Why did I never question it before? I’m so confused!

Anyways, so I haven’t blogged since the start of the year, literally. So we’ll do a quick highlight reel/recap..

– I moved out with Nicole & James on the 7th January. Unfortunately we didn’t get internet though until 8th of February! Hence I stopped blogging!
– I went camping in Byron in the last week of January too, that was cool!
– The week after I went camping I got “let go” from Seaworld as my “seasonal contract ended”
– I drove up to Bundaberg in the first week or so of Feb and stayed there for a week with Mum, Grandma & Jordy. Allergies didn’t agree.
– Got a foster puppy! His name is Toby! I’ve had him about 4 weeks now, and he’s 14 weeks old. Only had one serious adoption application, but it was rejected 😦
– Still doing dog training every Saturday too, I’m enjoying it. Toby is benefiting from what I’m learning too! He does a cool trick, I say “Stick ’em up!” and he puts his paws up, then I say “bang!” and he dies, like I taught Shep the bang trick! Except this one has stick em up too 🙂 Video of it is at the bottom!
– Still unemployed. I’ve applied for so many jobs, just like so many other people on the Coast at the moment. I’ve even resorted to applying for jobs in Brisbane & Tweed/Coolangatta area…. still no luck.
– I saw the Hunger Games special screening at 6.30pm on Weds 21st of March, I won the special screening pass through SeaFM. I had already booked midnight tickets though for that night! So I also saw it again right after at midnight! In between I participated in Event Cinemas’ own version of the Games, 6 teams got out first round though. I was actually glad to get out first round, second round was apple bobbing, pssht.
– I type really fast. 🙂

Can’t think of any other real highlights to point out/mention. Just wanted to drop in on my blog though, I feel bad for it suddenly stopping! But what can you do.

This whole job hunting thing is bugging me and making me want to just pack up and leave again. I don’t want to wait until June next year to move to LA! And I have a feeling Angie won’t pass Uni in order to get the visa we need, so I feel like I’d be waiting until then for nothing. So I’ve been looking up stuff in Vancouver again…. Seeing photos and reading my blog and stuff from Vancouver makes me miss it, and seeing TV shows & movies that are Vancouver filmed makes me miss it too! I think if someone offered me a job on the set of Once Upon A Time I’d jump on the next plane to Vancouver! Such a good show! I would set stalk the crap out of that show if I was there still! Unfortunately Season 1 is finishing up in the next few days, but they’ll have to do a Season 2! I would just dieee to work on the set!

Anywhoooo, rant ended. Here’s a few pictures of Toby to settle you over! And the video! Enjoy!

This one was taken by Kahni ^^^^^


He occasionally slides down the stairs…


He fell off the bed right after this haha.

And the video, terrible quality, and he doesn’t die properly at the end.. I apologize. It’s hard to film with one hand, while trying to do hand signals AND give treats at the same time with only two hands…