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Day 615, 616, 617, 618, 619, 620, and 621!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to 2012, still no flying cars or anything else that fancy…

Monday, day 615 was Boxing day. Super chaos everywhere, I just don’t understand why people don’t just stay home and enjoy the public holiday! Either way, we still went out and hit the shops haha. We were on a mission though, to find Guitar Hero! Which, we did! It was down at Tweed city so we had to drive all the way down there to get it. While there, Mum figured we get a 2nd one to sell cause they were so cheap. But unfortunately we just ended up selling it to Kahni/Lukas for the price we bought it at 😦 haha.  Anywaysss, after all that I had to get to work. Lots of traffic trying to get there. Carpark was full as. Insane. Worked 1-5, in pedal boats then games. Averagee.

Tuesday, my only day off this week! Mum & I went to pick up my 2nd unicycle in the afternoon, it came with a stand for only $20. So now I have two 🙂 One is more for like grassy ground, the other is more flat ground. Now I just need to go find somewhere to ride them! Not really sure what else I did, watched movies maybe? I dunno. Slept!

Wednesday, back to work again. I ended up having to do some vending training in the morning, then work in midway, then do pedal boats for half an hour, then back to midway.. good fun. Came home and just slept  I think!

Thursday, more work! Pedal boats again. That night I dragged Jordy late night shopping with me. Bought the DVD ‘One Day’ cause I read the book a few months ago! Movie was good too.

Friday I got called in to work in one of the shops. I’d never done the shops before but they threw me right in there and apparently I did really well haha. They wanted to request I get asked to work more often in that shop haha. It rained like crazy for the last half of the day, so when I was walking from the middle of the park, to the front of the park, to the end of the carpark and beyond to the grass carpark, I was DRENCHED. Nice and cold and dripping wet, fun fun.

Saturday I did 9-6 vending. That was hectic. It’s just go go go go go, never ending in vending, and just two people doing it! Ahh. Crazy. But I survived. It rained on us a bit, and we were out front for a bit too selling things, making sure these people also didn’t hit my car cause they parked in a 3/4 parking space next to me that car’s aren’t supposed to park in!  Haha.

Saturday night, New Years Eve! I headed out to Ashley’s place in Mudgeeraba… actually, her driveway & street is in Mudgeeraba, but the land/house is actually in Bonogin… Weird as.. Anywhoo, there was about 8 of us. We ended up playing Pictionary for a few hours haha. I was on Pats team, and we were losing badly. But it was nearly midnight so we decided next round winners win the whole game…………. AND WE WON. Ahahaha, it was a great victory. We went up to the top of Strawberry drive or whatever it’s called to watch the fireworks over the whole of the Gold Coast, so that was cool. Was kinda a bit too far away though that the fireworks all just looked really weird haha. But yeah, after that I went and had a nap in my car cause I was really tired from working all day. Rhianna and Shane were having a little ‘camp out’ in their car too next to mine so we figured we’d just came out there haha. We’ve decided we want to go real camping now….. cause this was bland lol. But still funny. I woke up again at like 6 so I came home to sleep in my bed.

Sunday, after having come home to my bed, got up later and went to work. I don’t know why I left home at 11, rather than 11.30, but I was nice and early to work.. So I just waited around. On my way to work I saw some idiot people trying to change their tire in the inside lane of the round about! Then I saw an accident in front of me when I was near work…. I think the person in the right lane, both lanes were only to go straight! I think the right lane car tried to turn left? But the left lane smashed in to its side then… Something like that… Made that horrible crunching metal noise that I don’t like lol.

Work was tiring as usual. Did boats & end of basketball too. Effort. Now I’m super tired and sore. Already watched the 3rd Narnia movie and now watching Underworld. Day 1 of movie list and I’m already on two movies 😉 haha winning. Oh, speaking of that list…. I only made 282 movies for 2011. Poor effort. Better luck this year!

In 2011, I’ve had a total of 4 jobs, 5 if you count the fairy floss job I got here but never ended up doing haha. I spent my first summer in the US, moved out of Vancouver, moved back in with my family, unfortunately I can’t say I moved out again though, cause the tenants still haven’t pissed off so it’s going to be a few more days still… but basically moved out again :P. I can’t think of anything else interesting I did really. But yeah. Ready for bed now, once Underworld finishes. Night!


Day 608, 609, 610, 611, 612, 613 and 614!

Evening, and Merry Christmas!

Monday I had to work all day on the basketball game. Fun fun.

Tuesday the same, except they had 7 new kids training in games so every hour or so they sent one down to me on basketball to teach them that haha.  So that’s what I did.

Wednesday I had a day off, thankfully, cause I’d also woken up with the cold everyone else here has had. So, I watched 5 movies. Mission Impossible 1-3, From Justin To Kelly, and Stuck On You. I’m so exciting, right?

Thursday I woke up feeling a bit better, and straight back in to work. I had training on pedal boats at 8am until about 11. During the training we got to pedal one of the boats out around the Seaworld lake, as well as driving the tinny out to practice getting the boats towed back in etc. Good fun 🙂 Afterwards though, I wasn’t rostered on but they asked me to stay back and help move stock from one store to another, so I agreed. I ended up not finishing until 5.40pm, so it was a good solid work day. Came home and pretty much went straight to bed.

Friday, I worked 1-5.30 I think, moving stock again. We were spose to do pedal boats but due to the rain we got cancelled for that so just moved stuff instead. Hectic. That night Mum, Monte, Jordy & I went to Cold Rock, watched the waves at the beach, went and saw a house with Christmas lights, and then headed home. Mum & I also went back over to Robina to finish off some Christmas shopping!

Saturday, Christmas Eve! …. Had to work lol. 8-1.30 this time. It was hectic as. I was spose to move stock again, but seeing as there was hardly ANYONE in the park at that time, especially retail staff, someone had called in sick over at the Resort so they wanted me to go over there and open it up?!? I’ve never even used a register, and I have no clue in the world anything to do with the resort, like, I don’t even think I’d ever been in there! So this was very concerning. But one of the supervisors was going to drive me over there and help set up etc, and luckily on the way out the front doors we ran in to this other lady, Diane, who normally works all the time in the main Seaworld Shop so thankfully we just scooped her up and took her over there too! At least she’d know how to use the register! We were basically all clueless though for the resort, not good! But when we got there, we scooped up yet another person, this time another manager/supervisor thing who we dragged along, so the four of us are walking around the resort quick as trying to work out how to open/set up the shop. It was such chaos!

Eventually Diane had it under control so my supervisor and I headed back over to Seaworld. Seeing as Diane was over at the resort though, it meant I would then have to open the Seaworld Shop!! Just as crazy, if you ask me. So I had to do that myself, gah. Someone from games joked around later when I told them and said “You know you’ve made it when you open the Seaworld shop!” ahaha. But yep. That was the crazy morning. Thankfully the rest of the day was chilled with just moving stock again lol.

That afternoon I had to go pick up Grandma and take her to Dads/Daves place. Stayed there to talk to them all for a little bit before heading back home. Wrapped some more presents, cooked my vegetarian lasagne etc. Then we all sat down to open some presents. I was really excited to get Guitar Hero instruments! But unfortunately due to being secondhand and from eBay, the drums don’t work, and one of the two guitars is pretty dodgy/going to break soon. So I was pretty devastated really… So Mum & I are going to go to JB Hi Fi tomorrow morning and hope one of the stores on the coast still has that $89 band bundle set for sale and buy that and try and get a refund from the eBay person, hopefully it all works out! I just want to play the drums! 😦

Sunday, today, aka Christmas! I was the first up, around 7am, don’t know why. Once I’m up, I’m up. It wasn’t until just after 9 that everyone else got up, having to drag Kahni out of bed to all go downstairs and open the rest of the presents. All good fun though. Oh, I got a unicycle! Thanks mother! We put it together, can’t really ride it out front though, need to find a better surface. Considering how long it’s been since I rode one, I thought I did pretty good ;). Need to pump the tire up a bit more, finally got the seat to stay in place. Haha I was thinking I can do like a “Pimp My Unicycle” and add some fancy bike accessories on to it, like cool lights on the wheel that when it spins they light up etc, or like a funny valve cap lol just random stuff like that. Maybe I can strap a torch on to it somewhere for riding in the dark 😉 haha. I dunno. Just need to find a surface to ride on, and start juggling finally!

Lots of people came around here today for Christmas celebrations. It was crowded. Lots of food was made and eaten, but still lots left over! Left overs for the next week! All good fun. In the afternoon Kahni and I went over to Dad/Daves place to say Merry Xmas to all them etc, that was good too. Although one of the other people there, Michelles sister, maybe? I’m not sure. Anyways, she had a little chihuahua with her visiting & somehow he got out and ran off. So we all went out looking for him. Kahni and I got in the car and drove around looking, asking everyone we saw. On our journey we ended up discovering that there was also a man who’s two dobermans had gotten out earlier, he was very distraught looking for them, poor guy. Also a dalmatian was out/loose. We saw him from a distance but by the time we did a U turn we’d lost him somewhere and didn’t know where.. Just wasn’t a very good day for dogs in that one area! :S In the end the chihuahua was found so that was good.

Came back home, ate some left overs, played some Guitar Hero on the only fairly working guitar. Realized I suck big time at guitar, I just want to play the drums so badly! D: But yeah, now I’m really tired so I might head off to bed soon. Up nice and early to head out to the shops for these “sales” before I have to go to work at like 12.30. So yeaaah, that’s that. Merry Christmas all, enjoy! Next blog post will be next year ;o 😉

Day 601, 602, 603, 604, 605, 606 and 607!


Well, Monday day 601 I worked. How exciting!

Tuesday I was supposed to work but switched my shift for Thursday cause someone couldn’t do their Thurs etc. So I dunno what I did, Xmas shopping, maybe?

Wednesday I had to do stocktake in the morning which meant I had to be at work at 6.15am! What a pain. We were finished that by about 9, so I stayed around a bit to watch the new Spongebob show. Went to dads work to get him to sign something, over to Centrelink, back home… Finally sat down and the phone rings again asking me if I can come in to work!? I said I’d just left there.. but she was like “…..and? Can you come in??” soooo I went in AGAIN, cause I’m awesome.

Thursday, worked. Then that night I took Jordy over to Robina to do some more Xmas shopping!

Friday I didn’t do much, I think I took advantage of the chillaxing day.

Saturday Jordy and I went back to the shops for more shopping, it never ends! Everyone’s been sick here too so I’m trying my hardest not to catch it as well! 😦

Saturday night I went with Angie to the drive in movies! We saw Puss In Boots and also Jack & Jill. They weren’t too bad, like I’ve definitely seen much more worse movies than Jack & Jill, yet it’s being slaughtered basically by critics…. Really, I didn’t mind it hey….

Sunday, today, I slept most of the day as I felt a little bit sick. Then at about 2 I got up and got ready and headed up to Cleveland for my work (other work, aka dog training)’s Christmas party! It was pretty fun. We played Charades lol that was not easy.. Watched Ellyse & Alex play “Just Dance” on the Wii lol Bollywood style.. And yeah, just whatever else. Was good fun. Got to know a lot of them better too so now I know a bit more about the people I work with :).

Anywhoo, my eye is playing up again, it’s really annoying me. Pretty sure there’s no way I’m going to be able to see a doctor though before Christmas or New Years even with everything else that has to be done. So I dunno. But it’s really bugging me 😦

So yep, night!

Day 594, 595, 596, 597, 598, 599 and 600!


On Monday, Day 594 I was off to work! It was a slow day in the sense that there wasn’t as many customers as usual, although it was hectic due to only having 3 of us running 6 games. I was doing 3 games on my own. So breaks came really late and it was hectic….

Tuesday, work again. Same deal, 3 people 6 games. Wasn’t as chaotic, us 3 managed it so much better than Monday’s 3 haha. I was again running all 3 games on the other side so seeing as I had no one else there to entertain me, I decided to entertain myself. So I tied all the little keyring animal prizes to my belt and had a monkey wrapped around my arm lol. A lady came up to me as she walked by and was like “you must have the best job!!” I was like it can be enjoyable! I don’t always have my animals though! Then she said I was like Noah, cause I had an “ark” with all the animals on me haha. It was funny.

Mum also went to Hong Kong Tues night, lucky her!

Wednesday, I went to Robina with Rhianna & her sister Michelle. We shopped around for awhile, Rhianna attempted some Christmas shopping haha. Pretty average day at Robina anyways. We got really tired of walking around and sat down at Gloria Jeans for awhile with some drinks. I had a cookies & creme drink this time instead of a Tim Tam drink! Om nom nom still. We were going to see a movie, but nothing good was on around then and we didn’t want to wait hours. So we just all went home. Rhianna had given me the newest Gossip Girl episodes as well as Pretty Little Liars so I spent the night catching up on them!

Thursday I was trying to win tickets to the Foo Fighters concert on the radio, but alas I didn’t succeed cause the idiots never answered my calls, just kept ringing out every time. Wasn’t engaged like usually in competitions, just rung out! I was so mad. Oh well. I also watched The Mummy & The Mummy Returns with Jordy cause he was too scared to watch them by himself haha.

Friday, I’m not sure what I did. Kept trying to win tickets to the concert, still no luck. Oh, I had to go to Centrelink, twice. To sort out everything. That took up most of the day. Also went over to Rhiannas with Kahni so Kahni could buy one of their old fish tanks for Lukas’s turtle cause they broke the one they had… Fail.

Saturday, had to get up nice and early to head up to dog training! Yay! It was pissing down rain though the whole way up there so that was an exciting drive. We had a staff meeting at the beginning, just going over things for next year. Got so much to do! It’s going to be a very hectic year for me next year…. I don’t even know where to start..! I have to renew my first aid cert, as well as getting a dog first aid cert, might be getting a blue card just cause they’re free at the moment. Gotta do all that by March. In Feb I’ll be starting full time uni, and in April I’ll need to start the Cert 4 for dog training on top of uni and work and dog training etc… Oh, I’m also thinking of doing a Government funded Cert 2 in security/crowd control through Centrelink, so I could get some occasional work at sporting events/concerts/etc.. Seems like it would be cool, and it’s a free course, so why not! Helloooo hectic year… I’m going to be insanely qualified for random shit!

Anyway, back to the day! Didn’t get any learning in as one of the classes due to the rain ended up being over in another location in Cleveland so half the group went over there for that class, while a few of us stayed back to do the puppy class in the shed. They only needed the trainer for that class as well as one assistant, so 3 of us ended up just doing a quiz/test sheet Alex had done up on prices and vaccinations and heaps of other things lol that was difficult, I don’t know the prices and stuff yet.. ahh.

After the puppy class, we set up for our doggy/customer Christmas party. The rain had cleared up by then thankfully but we still put two tent/cover things up just in case anyways. Had some food & soft drinks out and we had some games & prizes too, good fun. Games like who can do the fastest sit, then fastest drop, best tail wag, best doggy kisses etc lol pretty funny.

After the party, we all packed up and everyone headed home. I had to give Dee a hand getting all the stuff back to her place as her car was full. I had to take the eski, the folded up table, and her 15 yr old Beagle called Phantom haha. Ex-customs dog. He sat in my front seat, just chilling. So I followed them back to Dee’s place and dropped the stuff off. Also got to get a shirt finally so now I fit in with the rest of the group in purple shirts haha. I was the odd one out in my black random shirt..

Sunday, today, Jordy, Monte & I went to breakfast at Cucina Mia. Then afterwards Jordy & I went over to Robina to do some Christmas shopping. We just looked at a heap of things, but never actually got anything cause he was feeling sick with a cold so we came home. I dropped him off there and went back over to Robina though cause the storm was coming in so I parked & waited & got a little bit of Christmas shopping started… Came home, chilled. Haha. Watched Our Idiot Brother tonight, such a good movie actually. I enjoyed it.

Anywhoo, now I’m off to bed. Work tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that. Nah, that’s a lie, with this weather I probably will be lucky to actually get at least 1 of my 3 scheduled days… Stupid rain. Although I do like the rain, it means much cooler weather! Maybe we can just manage to skip past the whole of summer!!! Wouldn’t that be brilliant! I’m so not ready for the Australian summers…

Day 587, 588, 589, 590, 591, 592 and 593!

Monday, day 587………….. I apparently didn’t do all that much, cause I can’t remember and Facebook can’t remind me..

Tuesday, I found a super cute puppy… Dad’s a border collie, and mum’s a border collie x cattle dog.. the puppy is super cute. But alas, I think he’s found a home now already 😦

Wednesday, nothing… again? God, what am I doing with my life? Basically every time I say I did nothing… I really mean I sat around all day probably watching movies, while researching a heck load of things on dog training, and probably also things on visas to the US… I’ve become a pro at these two subjects. Oh, I also probably spent more time finding photos & thinking of ideas for 😀

Thursday, Jenna Marbles, a YouTube ‘star’ posted her weekly video blog thing. This one was about “What Bitches Wear At The Airport” I found it hilarious, cause it’s just so true! The amount of times you get stuck behind someone JUST like this! Made me laugh. Warning, I think she swears quite a bit haha.

Friday, I decided on a new career path. I want to train animals/dogs to be in movies, TV, commercials, photoshoots, etc etc. I think it would be fascinating. That’s what I enjoy more anyways, trick training rather than obedience training….. But of course, trick training only comes about once you’ve mastered obedience.. But still! It would be a really interesting career. Combining my like of both the film industry, and dog training. Just makes sense, no?

Saturday I had to work at Seaworld, rather than go to dog training. Wish I’d gotten to work a different day at Seaworld though in order to have gone to dog training! :(. Oh well. It was a long day though anyways. I was on basketball again all day, super hot too. Didn’t make as much $$ as usual as it was pretty quiet. But I still made a fairly average amount, and yeah. Very tiring day, I fell asleep soon after I got home..

Sunday, today, I did some more research on my chosen topics lol. Seems like it’s pretty impossible for me to move to the US. Oh, and if I was to win a green card, I’d also have to take a medical exam. How awkward. I don’t like the idea of that one bit!

Tonight, I went down to firetwirling at Burleigh for the first time in forever. Like since way before I left. It’s changed so much. It’s now gone from being a “everyone can join in the fire circle” type thing, to a “watch our show/routine, don’t get in the way. If we want you to come in the circle, we’ll specifically choose you from the crowd!!” it’s stupid. Heaaaaps of people crowd around the circle and sit and watch, and clap every time they do something. Like I understand it’s cool and all but it’s not what it used to be. I would feel very out of place now if I was to go along with my fire stuff. I feel like I would be booed out of the circle, or chased out by the fire twirlers. Or you know, stage fright. That’d happen too. So yeah, not cool.

I went down with Rhianna and she brought Cruz along. Her sister was with us too, and Paige, Abbey & Alex also met up with us down there. Pat & Amanda came along for a little bit too. We played frisbee for a bit in the afternoon before it got dark enough for the firetwirlers to start. Cruz had a blast chasing us/the frisbee. But he still didn’t get the frisbee at all. He would chase it until it stops and he’d stand next to it and wait for you to come throw it again…. Silly dog.

Anyways, I’m super tired now and working tomorrow so I better head off to bed. Night!

Day 580, 581, 582, 583, 584, 585 and 586!

On Monday I got called in to work, so I gladly accepted haha. So that’s what I did all day. A kid came in with chicken pox apparently, so that was fun paranoia by all the staff after he touched everything haha.

Don’t think I really did anything at all on Tuesday or Wednesday. Family was away in Bundaberg. Think I just watched a heap of movies. Also made a casserole 😮 haha Masterchef skill.

Thursday I had to go in to Centrelink in the morning, then chilled all day I think ? Haha. I’m really terrible at remembering things…

Friday marked a year since we were in LA spending Thanksgiving there, had IHOP for breakfast, AND dinner! Good fun. Don’t think I actually did anything that day haha.

Saturday, went up to dog training. I picked Shelley up on the way to carpool & off we went. It was a good day too, learned heaps. There was also a dead snake in one of the gardens, and no dog had found it until the older puppy play group right at the end haha, we stopped them from touching it though but at least they pointed out what the gross smell was!

Sunday, today, I watched more movies and played Xbox, so yeah. Pretty average. I’m watching View From The Top at the moment haha. Travel bug.

Anyways, off now. Laters!

Day 573, 574, 575, 576, 577, 578 and 579!


Monday morning I got up super early and went with Rhianna to Brisbane for her 3 job interviews. Each one was with a recruitment agency type thing, and as it turns out, each interview was for the SAME job. Quite annoying! While she did her interviews I just walked around Queen St waiting. Good fun. We had Gloria Jeans too in the Mall, and after SO much walking around we were dead to the world, found the car finally, and set off home. That afternoon I got home there was some kids riding around the street on a green machine bike thing, being towed by a P plater car. They ended up leaving a HUGE dent in Kahnis car. Not pleased 😮

That night also meant I got to watch the Hunger Games trailer which had finally been released 😀 Check it.

Tuesday, I don’t remember. Nor do I remember Weds or Thurs. One of these days I’m sure I went to Robina with Rhianna, and we saw Santa sleeping on his chair waiting for people to get photos with him haha. Quite funny.

Friday I went to Robina again with Kahni & we saw Breaking Dawn. Was probably the best out of all 4 so far, finally included some werewolf stuff, and probably some of Kristen Stewarts best acting yet haha. We also went and found me some pants that I needed for work.

Saturday I had to get up & leave nice & early to go to dog training! 🙂 It was pretty fun. Although I actually didn’t really get to do anything dog related at all. It ended up being more just getting to know my fellow workers actually. Cause one of the girls was really sick, like shaking/sweating etc. Poor kid. I ended up having to drive her home, in her car. She lived about 15 mins away. Then her Mum drove me back to the dog training. Awkward haha. But yeah, that’s one way to get to know your workers! We also had a dog come in with Kennel Cough so we had to disinfect everything including ourselves, it was like quarantine. We got sprayed down and everything lol. Good stuff.

That afternoon I came home, sunburned, laid in bed and watched Burlesque, which was actually not a bad movie. Christina Aguilera actually talks really soft kinda, like you’d NEVER guess she could sing the way she does/how deep she sings haha. T’was an aiight movie. I also watched SALT, which wasn’t bad at all. Quite liked it actually. Later that night I watched The Wedding Singer haha. Big movie sesh really.

Today, Sunday, we had Maccas for breakfast. Had the open house inspection. Watched Kick-Ass. Just chilled really. I’m currently putting on Bicentennial Man now to watch then go to bed. Old movie! Laters!