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Day 587, 588, 589, 590, 591, 592 and 593!

Monday, day 587………….. I apparently didn’t do all that much, cause I can’t remember and Facebook can’t remind me..

Tuesday, I found a super cute puppy… Dad’s a border collie, and mum’s a border collie x cattle dog.. the puppy is super cute. But alas, I think he’s found a home now already 😦

Wednesday, nothing… again? God, what am I doing with my life? Basically every time I say I did nothing… I really mean I sat around all day probably watching movies, while researching a heck load of things on dog training, and probably also things on visas to the US… I’ve become a pro at these two subjects. Oh, I also probably spent more time finding photos & thinking of ideas for 😀

Thursday, Jenna Marbles, a YouTube ‘star’ posted her weekly video blog thing. This one was about “What Bitches Wear At The Airport” I found it hilarious, cause it’s just so true! The amount of times you get stuck behind someone JUST like this! Made me laugh. Warning, I think she swears quite a bit haha.

Friday, I decided on a new career path. I want to train animals/dogs to be in movies, TV, commercials, photoshoots, etc etc. I think it would be fascinating. That’s what I enjoy more anyways, trick training rather than obedience training….. But of course, trick training only comes about once you’ve mastered obedience.. But still! It would be a really interesting career. Combining my like of both the film industry, and dog training. Just makes sense, no?

Saturday I had to work at Seaworld, rather than go to dog training. Wish I’d gotten to work a different day at Seaworld though in order to have gone to dog training! :(. Oh well. It was a long day though anyways. I was on basketball again all day, super hot too. Didn’t make as much $$ as usual as it was pretty quiet. But I still made a fairly average amount, and yeah. Very tiring day, I fell asleep soon after I got home..

Sunday, today, I did some more research on my chosen topics lol. Seems like it’s pretty impossible for me to move to the US. Oh, and if I was to win a green card, I’d also have to take a medical exam. How awkward. I don’t like the idea of that one bit!

Tonight, I went down to firetwirling at Burleigh for the first time in forever. Like since way before I left. It’s changed so much. It’s now gone from being a “everyone can join in the fire circle” type thing, to a “watch our show/routine, don’t get in the way. If we want you to come in the circle, we’ll specifically choose you from the crowd!!” it’s stupid. Heaaaaps of people crowd around the circle and sit and watch, and clap every time they do something. Like I understand it’s cool and all but it’s not what it used to be. I would feel very out of place now if I was to go along with my fire stuff. I feel like I would be booed out of the circle, or chased out by the fire twirlers. Or you know, stage fright. That’d happen too. So yeah, not cool.

I went down with Rhianna and she brought Cruz along. Her sister was with us too, and Paige, Abbey & Alex also met up with us down there. Pat & Amanda came along for a little bit too. We played frisbee for a bit in the afternoon before it got dark enough for the firetwirlers to start. Cruz had a blast chasing us/the frisbee. But he still didn’t get the frisbee at all. He would chase it until it stops and he’d stand next to it and wait for you to come throw it again…. Silly dog.

Anyways, I’m super tired now and working tomorrow so I better head off to bed. Night!


Day 566, 567, 568, 569, 570, 571, and 572!

Monday I had to go to Upper Coomera to go to this fairy floss guys place to have some kind of interview/learn to make fairy floss. So I was there for like an hour and a half, covered in sugar. Good fun. Bit strange though, but seemed okay.. Oh, Monday was also Nicoles 21st! Yay! And Victorias too haha. Happy Birthday!

Tuesday I went down to SCU with mum, pretty much spent the day doing that and nothing else that I can think of at all..

Wednesday I got a call from that dog training place I’d applied for to be a ‘trainee dog trainer’, so I was pretty excited about that. Was told to come up on Saturday morning to meet the lady etc, so then there was the wait!

Thursday Rhianna was bored and came by to collect me, although we went out in my car lol. We went to Robina for a little bit, then over to Shanes old place to pick up Cruz and then drove up to Upper Coomera & collected Nicole & her dog Barney and went to this pet store that has a huge 50% off sale haha, exciting stuff. Then afterwards dropped Nicole & Barney off, then Cruz, then back home to get Rhianna to her own car haha.

Friday morning I went to Centrelink nice and early with Dad, they were no help at all, screwed me around again. So over it lol. Don’t think I did much else that afternoon.

Saturday morning I left nice and early to drive an hour to where the dog trainings located at. I got there an hour early so I waited around. Eventually 9am came and I went in there awkwardly. Met the lady who runs it, had an interview type thing. I think she was pretty impressed with how much I already knew, so that’s good. Basically, she was gonna get me to sign the contract/forms right there, but I said I’d have to think it over, talk to Centrelink etc, cause it’s not paid for like 6 months minimum and stuff so I had to work out how much time I could devote to it, with an income, etc. So yep, going to call her back tomorrow though and accept it anyways, I’ll definitely be able to give up Saturdays to it so that’s better than nothing. 🙂

Sunday I didn’t really do anything at all, went to Maccas with Mum & Jordy & went through drive through to tell Kahni she’s grounded, hilarious. Now I’m watching Season 1 of Offspring, an Aussie show. Not bad at all actually haha.

Anyways, that’s that really. Laters!

Day 545, 546, 547, 548, 549, 550 and 551!

Monday wasn’t very eventful, kind of just sorted out what the go was for going down to Stanthorpe. Didn’t really do much at all I don’t think.

Tuesday, I packed up my car, and drove down to Stanthorpe. I stopped over in Canungra to see Michelle and pick up her How I Met Your Mother season 1-6 DVD’s, then I stopped again at Warwick on the way for a toilet break and then got down here to Stanthorpe. Okay, it’s not actually Stanthorpe, it’s Thulimbah, I think that’s how you spell it. I also got a phone call on the way from a job at a pet store I’d applied at last week. He wanted me to come in for an interview on Wednesday, but alas I was no longer on the Coast, so I explained that to him and he said he’d give me a phone interview on Wednesday afternoon instead, sweet.

Wednesday morning, 6.30am. Woke up to Shep & Blue, the border collie x cattle dogs nuding me to wake up! So that wasn’t much of a sleep in. I’m pretty sure I spent the whole day watching How I Met Your Mother season 1. Played with the dogs, fed the dogs, etc. Haha. Had the phone interview, I thought it went alright. He said I’d hear from him by Friday afternoon, so here’s to the wait.

Thursday, I watched  season 2, I think I also watched season 1 of Parenthood. Somewhere in the past two days I’ve also watched 16 Wishes, Zookeeper, Did You Hear About The Morgans, and Remember Me. Shit, where have I found the time for all of this? AND played with the dogs, attempted some clicker training, which by the way, Shep is very good at!

Friday, let’s say I watched season 3 and did the same stuff as every other day! No call from the pet store though, no job 😦 Ah well. Wasn’t meant to be. Anyways, the dogs all like to wake me up in the morning, it’s hard with three dogs, cause I only have two hands!!

Saturday, I actually went out! Amazing right?! I drove down to Stanthorpe, went to Crazy Clarks, Woolworths, and this other discount store like Crazy Clarks, but it’s called Waynes World, funny right? Ahaha. I bought some more food for the week, bought a ball thrower thing cause the dogs slobber on the ball sooo much. I also watched more How I Met Your Mother.

Sunday, today, watched more How I Met Your Mother. I’m up to Season 6 now, I have two discs to go. I won’t finish it all by tonight haha, tomorrow it will be completed! And then I don’t know what I’ll be doing…….. More movies, Xbox, whatever! Anywhooo, yep. That’s that! Laters!

Day 496, 497, 498, 499, 500!!, 501.. and 502!

I know this post should have come last night, but I doped myself up on cold and flu medicines and fell asleep for majority of the day and then through the night 🙂

ANYWAY! For day 496, aka Monday, I don’t remember what I did during the day, but that night Kahni and I went over to Heleina & Bec’s place to catch up with them. We hadn’t seen them in a long time, and it was Ria’s birthday, so we went over to say hi and chat for a bit 🙂 That was nice. They had two little like 3 day old baby chickens too, they were pretty cute. I held one of them all night haha, it liked being in my hands. Cause when I put it back down in the box it wouldn’t stop chirping lol.

On Tuesday, day 497, I went to the dog park with Rhianna & Shane, Shane brought along his dog Calais this time too so that Cruz didn’t feel so scared and alone. And it worked too, Cruz was much more lively and less scared with Calais there to watch over him/guide him. So that was good. There was a little staffy x puppy there too, 10 weeks old being fostered, Rhianna reckons I dropped her. “Dropped a disabled puppy” HAHA. It wasn’t really disabled… but it was abandoned when it was a few weeks old because it’s back legs weren’t working. But her legs are doing just fine now! And I didn’t drop her! I was putting her down, and as she got to the floor, her legs gave way… and it looked like I’d dropped her LOL.

Can’t recall a thing I did on Wednesday, probably nothing much except sit at home looking up cars and houses lol.

Thursday I hung out with Michelle and her new dog, Lilly. Have you noticed everyone’s got a dog now except for me? Michelle called me a “dog slut” because I hang out with everyone’s dogs at the dog park lol. And it’s true, we took Lilly to the dog park, and there was people and there dogs there from previous times I’ve been there with Rhianna and Cruz, as well as her parent’s cattle dog Ally, AND Shane’s cattle dog Calais lol. So who knows what those people think every time they see me there with a different dog lol. Cause now I’m there with Michelle and her dog! Haha. Pretty funny. We also went to the pet barn to buy a bunch of supplies for her dog, and that was pretty much it for the day.

That night I had Nando’s for dinner with Monte & Jordy, and then around 8.30pm I went out for Alex’s 18th! We went into the grossest place on the GC, which happens to be Surfers! I know that it’s supposed to be glamorous and all, and it may be fairly nice with the beaches and stuff by day, but by night, some really feral people come out to play. I don’t like driving into Surfers, it’s hectic there. So I parked at Pac Fair & Alex, Paige & Abbey picked me up there and drove in. Then they dropped me back after too to my car heh.

I think we left Surfers around 1.30am, saw a lot of people I went to school with, none of whom I liked at all and obviously none of them said hi to me lol. Ran into Angie though she was out too with some of her friends haha. She was very surprised to see me out in Surfers. Even I was surprised I went out… But most of the night was spent with Mel & Matt, Paige, Abbey, Alex, and a few other people. I met one girl who’s friends with that group that I’d never met before… When they told her who I was she was like “YOU’RE JESS JAMES?! You’re famous! Everybody loves you!!” I was like uhhh, okay? Haha. “Everybody talks about you all the time! You’re so famous!” I lol’d.

I didn’t get home until about 4 that night/morning, ended up talking to Mel all night at her place. Just chilling, catching up. Good stuff.  🙂

On Friday I don’t know what I did, I guess I just looked up cars. Oh! I remember now, I’d found a car on Gumtree for $4,600! It was a 2005 Subaru Forester. With about 146,000kms. So for that price it was a damn good price! So I rang the guy up, and we arranged to go see it in half an hours time. When we were just about to leave, he sent me a text saying “sorry car sold” sigh. So that blew a hole in my car hunting.

So I spent the rest of the day looking up cars. Came across one in Brisbane, a Lancer, $7500. 110,000kms. 2005. Even though it’s a 2005, it’s a year newer than my 2005 one was. Mine was a “MY05” this is a “MY06” so it’s basically an 06 model. It’s much nicer/newer inside than mine was, I had grey interior, it’s got black interior. It’s just more updated than mine was. Also has a 2.4L engine instead of a 2L. Anyways, I didn’t call up on Friday, instead I called up Saturday morning after we had breakfast at Cucina Mia.

So Saturday was spent with Monte & I driving up to Brisbane to check out this car. It’s in pretty good condition, minus a few scratches on the back right bit, and faded door handles cause they’re plastic. Did I mention the car is red? Lol. It feels much more powerful than my Lancer did cause of the bigger engine, I’m sure it’s going to eat more fuel too… But hey, we got the guy to take $7,000 for it. So for that price, it’s a great deal too. I’m pretty happy. Haven’t got it yet, will get it tomorrow. 🙂

Sunday was Fathers Day, but I was so sick I felt like death. So I wasn’t a very good daughter for Fathers Day lol. I apologize Dad, and Monte. I slept almost all of the day, kept taking cold and flu stuff, tried to kill it quick. Fell asleep as well last night with the night time medicine. I think I slept pretty well, didn’t get up until about 10.30 today. I feel a bit better today but not amazing. My throat still hurts. I think I’m just going to chill all day and try to sleep it off a bit more. Don’t want to be sick for starting work on Thursday…  So yep. That’s the blog really! Laters!

Day 489, 490, 491, 492, 493, 494, and… 495!

Would you look at that… I didn’t blog for a WHOLE WEEK, and no one said anything. Sweet!

I guess if you didn’t notice, the absence from blogging will become a regular thing now, I’m quite too lazy to have anything interesting to say now every day, the Gold Coast just isn’t that exciting, just as before!

But anyways, as a recap of the past week, I’ll see how much I can remember..

I had a job interview at Seaworld on Tuesday morning (Day 490),  and after that Mum, her friend Sophia, and I had lunch at the Southport Yacht Club… All I kept thinking while I was there was “ARE YOU THE SEAFM FUGITIVE?!” cause they were doing that contest on the radio once and Michelle and I went there and tried to find the fugitive haha. Classic 😉

On Wednesday, Rhianna and I went and saw Rachel and her baby, Aliyah, at their place. We were there for a few hours, chilling/catching up, etc.

On Wednesday night, I went and saw the Green Lantern with Michelle & Aaron, cause every Wednesday night they go see a movie, so they insisted I come along this time. It wasn’t too bad of a movie, but it really wasn’t that great lol, I was expecting better… After the movie though I went down to Grill’d and waited for Mel to finish work then I drove her home!

I feel like I did something the other days, but I don’t remember too much now haha. Can’t remember the days, but I know what I did..

Oh, on Thursday, Rhianna, Shane and I went over to Pat’s place to play Call Of Duty lol. Needless to say, Pat & Shane kicked our butts haha.

On Friday night, I went and hung out with Mel, her sister, and their boyfriends, and some of their other friends. They went bowling, so I watched them bowl lol. Then after that we hung out at Gloria Jeans for awhile. Good fun.

On Saturday, I went over to Rhianna’s place, played Call Of Duty with Shane before he went fishing with his friend, then I played one game of Call Of Duty with Rhianna, before switching to Tony Hawk’s Wasteland lol. So then we just played that game for awhile. Eventually got bored, and she insisted I watch the Hills with her…. So we watched that. LOL. It’s their favorite show, Shanes too. LOL.

And now today is Sunday… And I haven’t done anything all day except had to drop Kahni to work this morning.

Somewhere along the line of this week, I think Friday afternoon, I was offered a job position with Seaworld 🙂 So I’m now employed! Hell yeah! Not sure exactly what I’ll be doing just yet, but we’ll find out at my orientation, which isn’t for another like two weeks unfortunately 😦 Wish it started this week lol.

It was also Crysti’s birthday the other day, so happy birthday big sis!

I think that’s it really. I’m still puppy-less 😦 How sad. And I’m still car-less, and house-less. Ahhhhhh…. Depressing times….. At least I’m technically employed now 😉

Day 488

Compared to yesterday, today is much shorter.

I didn’t sleep much, my eye was hurting. It’s been pretty bloodshot and sore today. I’ve been actually trying to use the eye drops less cause I don’t want to be relying on them heavily all the time… So I was limiting myself with the drops lol.

Anyways! I went over to Rhiannas for a bit today, we read the paper to look for jobs, houses, cars, the lot. Even though she has a car lol. We played with her family’s puppy, Ally, the cattle dog. She’s getting quite tall, yet still small puppy look lol. Just long legs! She dragged the other dog, Lily’s food bowl down to the yard. The bowl is like half the size of her so it was quite a sight lol.

Tonight Mum, Monte, Jordy, Kahni & I went to Sizzler. Had to wait half an hour to be seated though, but they did give us some cheesy bread while we waited! Best part of Sizzler definitely. Ate our food, then headed home.

Keep looking up cars, not having that much luck with what I’m after but mmm. Oh, and with my puppy I want to get, Nicole offered that I could get him and let him stay at her place until I’m able to move out once I’m employed. But I dunno. If I was to do that, the puppy would like her family more than he liked me, it wouldn’t be right! 😦 Back at square one lol. I’m ready to go live in a caravan park for a few months hey, I’m not fussed! LOL.

Day 486

Woke up at 12 last night, went to take out my retainer, but then realized the time. So I went back to sleep… Did the same at 3am, except I did take my retainer out, and couldn’t really fall back asleep. So I was looking up cars, houses, and puppies. Yay.

Didn’t do much for the most part of today. Was going to go look at this car, but then Monte said it’s probably been trashed around etc so we didn’t bother. And yet again, I’m still with no leads into cars, depressing.

Went and met Rhianna at the dog park this afternoon for a bit over an hour. Her dog Cruz got slightly better this time, he still peed himself in fear of the other dogs, but for awhile he was playing with this tiny, TINY little puppy dog. They both chased Cruz’s ball around together. She was the smallest little dog, the ball was bigger than her, but Cruz didn’t seem too afraid of her so that was good! PROGRESS!

Cruz does laps, we held the ball and didn’t throw it, and he just did laps. Huge laps. Never slowed down, never ended. We had to physically call him over and make him sit down to stop doing laps around the place lol. He really does love chasing the ball, but he has no interest in it what-so-ever once he touches it. It’s quite odd!

Had spaghetti f or dinner, chilled. Haha, not very exciting really. That’s the way!