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Day 594, 595, 596, 597, 598, 599 and 600!


On Monday, Day 594 I was off to work! It was a slow day in the sense that there wasn’t as many customers as usual, although it was hectic due to only having 3 of us running 6 games. I was doing 3 games on my own. So breaks came really late and it was hectic….

Tuesday, work again. Same deal, 3 people 6 games. Wasn’t as chaotic, us 3 managed it so much better than Monday’s 3 haha. I was again running all 3 games on the other side so seeing as I had no one else there to entertain me, I decided to entertain myself. So I tied all the little keyring animal prizes to my belt and had a monkey wrapped around my arm lol. A lady came up to me as she walked by and was like “you must have the best job!!” I was like it can be enjoyable! I don’t always have my animals though! Then she said I was like Noah, cause I had an “ark” with all the animals on me haha. It was funny.

Mum also went to Hong Kong Tues night, lucky her!

Wednesday, I went to Robina with Rhianna & her sister Michelle. We shopped around for awhile, Rhianna attempted some Christmas shopping haha. Pretty average day at Robina anyways. We got really tired of walking around and sat down at Gloria Jeans for awhile with some drinks. I had a cookies & creme drink this time instead of a Tim Tam drink! Om nom nom still. We were going to see a movie, but nothing good was on around then and we didn’t want to wait hours. So we just all went home. Rhianna had given me the newest Gossip Girl episodes as well as Pretty Little Liars so I spent the night catching up on them!

Thursday I was trying to win tickets to the Foo Fighters concert on the radio, but alas I didn’t succeed cause the idiots never answered my calls, just kept ringing out every time. Wasn’t engaged like usually in competitions, just rung out! I was so mad. Oh well. I also watched The Mummy & The Mummy Returns with Jordy cause he was too scared to watch them by himself haha.

Friday, I’m not sure what I did. Kept trying to win tickets to the concert, still no luck. Oh, I had to go to Centrelink, twice. To sort out everything. That took up most of the day. Also went over to Rhiannas with Kahni so Kahni could buy one of their old fish tanks for Lukas’s turtle cause they broke the one they had… Fail.

Saturday, had to get up nice and early to head up to dog training! Yay! It was pissing down rain though the whole way up there so that was an exciting drive. We had a staff meeting at the beginning, just going over things for next year. Got so much to do! It’s going to be a very hectic year for me next year…. I don’t even know where to start..! I have to renew my first aid cert, as well as getting a dog first aid cert, might be getting a blue card just cause they’re free at the moment. Gotta do all that by March. In Feb I’ll be starting full time uni, and in April I’ll need to start the Cert 4 for dog training on top of uni and work and dog training etc… Oh, I’m also thinking of doing a Government funded Cert 2 in security/crowd control through Centrelink, so I could get some occasional work at sporting events/concerts/etc.. Seems like it would be cool, and it’s a free course, so why not! Helloooo hectic year… I’m going to be insanely qualified for random shit!

Anyway, back to the day! Didn’t get any learning in as one of the classes due to the rain ended up being over in another location in Cleveland so half the group went over there for that class, while a few of us stayed back to do the puppy class in the shed. They only needed the trainer for that class as well as one assistant, so 3 of us ended up just doing a quiz/test sheet Alex had done up on prices and vaccinations and heaps of other things lol that was difficult, I don’t know the prices and stuff yet.. ahh.

After the puppy class, we set up for our doggy/customer Christmas party. The rain had cleared up by then thankfully but we still put two tent/cover things up just in case anyways. Had some food & soft drinks out and we had some games & prizes too, good fun. Games like who can do the fastest sit, then fastest drop, best tail wag, best doggy kisses etc lol pretty funny.

After the party, we all packed up and everyone headed home. I had to give Dee a hand getting all the stuff back to her place as her car was full. I had to take the eski, the folded up table, and her 15 yr old Beagle called Phantom haha. Ex-customs dog. He sat in my front seat, just chilling. So I followed them back to Dee’s place and dropped the stuff off. Also got to get a shirt finally so now I fit in with the rest of the group in purple shirts haha. I was the odd one out in my black random shirt..

Sunday, today, Jordy, Monte & I went to breakfast at Cucina Mia. Then afterwards Jordy & I went over to Robina to do some Christmas shopping. We just looked at a heap of things, but never actually got anything cause he was feeling sick with a cold so we came home. I dropped him off there and went back over to Robina though cause the storm was coming in so I parked & waited & got a little bit of Christmas shopping started… Came home, chilled. Haha. Watched Our Idiot Brother tonight, such a good movie actually. I enjoyed it.

Anywhoo, now I’m off to bed. Work tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that. Nah, that’s a lie, with this weather I probably will be lucky to actually get at least 1 of my 3 scheduled days… Stupid rain. Although I do like the rain, it means much cooler weather! Maybe we can just manage to skip past the whole of summer!!! Wouldn’t that be brilliant! I’m so not ready for the Australian summers…


Day 394


After a chilled morning at home, Michelle and I headed out on the bus this afternoon. She was going to Lougheed and I was going to work.

Work was pretty slow, there was a hockey game on tonight so we figured it was going to be dead. It was my second last shift there! Sad! Jenny finished at 4.45 today, yet she waited until 5.30 in the staff room for when I got there so she could give me some Snoopy stickers! ๐Ÿ™‚

This is my name tag now!

WIN! Haha. I felt like I had a boring name badge for ages lol. I never got around to putting a favourite movie on there… Oops.

Had some good chats at work, it was good. It was my last night working with most people so that sucked. It doesn’t feel like I won’t see them again, and to be honest, I probably wont see a lot of these people ever again.. Weird.

After work I came home and did the usual. Michelle and I also spent probably a good hour sorting out our itinerary for the next week. So little time and so much to do… I’m going to be broke I’m sure, and tired! But at least everything will have been covered! ๐Ÿ˜€

We’re buying Canucks jerseys tomorrow, I feel like I need to sell my snowboard & ticket master gift card before I can allow myself to buy a jersey, but I just have to do it! Just buy it Jess, dammit! Too indecisive..

Anywhoo, I better get to sleep, action packed week begins tomorrow, I can feel the tiredness already…. Night!

Day 345

Oh wow, only 20 more posts after this ๐Ÿ˜ I’m freaking out..

So anyways, I woke up from a crazy dream at about 7.30am, had to force myself back to sleep which luckily I managed to get back to sleep! Woke up again later, then decided it was time to go to H&R Block to do my taxes!

Unfortunately though, I couldn’t do my tax, because I was missing the T4 form from PNE, and I HAD to have it, so I have to go back another time when I’ve got it/found it. Which, I have now found, it was buried deep in the depths of the couch..

So instead of sorting that out today with H&R Block, I met up with Sarah in New West & we went to Metrotown to see Limitless. It was a good movie, and I’ve decided I want some of whatever the drug was ๐Ÿ˜‰ HAHA. I want to use my brains full potential! Good stuff! LOL. Also had Subway for lunch. Damn Subway for being so expensive too..

On the way home tonight I was soo tired I actually almost fell asleep on the bus, I’m so behind on sleep it’s crazy. And I’ve also realized I’m like two weeks behind now on my Uni stuff – got an email today regarding partnering up for the next assignment. Umm? Wth? It’s a presentation, and we have to partner up.. no idea how this is going to work. Not pleased..

Oh! I also finally got my Ticketmaster gift card in the mail from WIND! So now I need to pick something to go to I guess.. I think I’d really like to go to Warped Tour in Dallas on June 24th, but that’ll be so much effort getting there & back to Mt Ida and what not, and that’s only like 20+ days after I’ll first be getting there in June.. Soo I’m not sure… Hard decision. I can’t really think of much else to use it on though..

Anyway, I’m going to head off to bed now I think, try and catch up on sleep.. We’ll see how that goes. Night!

Day 340


So I think I was up at about 9.30 today? I don’t remember though, and I thought it was like 10.30. I was talking to Vrindy on Facebook before she went off to work at 11, then I thought later this afternoon “why was she on FB at 10.30 when she started work at 11..” sooo I asked when I went in today & apparently it was 9.30! So yeah! I was up at 9.30! But I didn’t stay up! I had breakfast, chilled for a bit, then decided to go back to sleep for awhile.

I wasn’t feeling great, I felt really hot & sick like, just super tired I guess. I napped for about an hour, then decided to get up & get ready. I could have slept for another like 2 hours, but I wanted to go see Sucker Punch… Sooooo I did!

I had terrible seats. There was so many people in there, like woah. So I got a crappy seat, 2nd row from the front, in the corner ๐Ÿ˜ฆ it was so not even worth putting seats there, like why bother? So crappy. But I dealt with it.

It was actually a pretty cool movie, as much as everyone has been bagging on it hardcore, ย I enjoyed it. Like it’s not one of the best films I’ve seen, nor one of the worse. I liked the music, and the visual stuff was pretty entertaining! The story kind of failed me though. I was a bit lost for a bit, it’s hard to explain. But yeah, either way. Double dose of Aussie too with Emily Browning (who I never knew was even Aussie!) and Abbie Cornish! Haha!

Anywhooo… work was boring. Had lot’s of rushes because of Sucker Punch opening today, so it was a bit hectic. But other than that, boring. Mary and I had our breaks at the same time, so we had some TCBY Shivers! They’re like a blizzard, kind of. And we get them at cast price, so it was like $2.37 for a big ass thing! Crazy. Couldn’t even finish it all.

The Seth Rogen look-a-like at work, Aaron, he was at TCBY too getting something & said we should go sit with him & his mates on their break at the tables.. sooo we did. It was like high school “come sit with us” LOL. They’re all super nerdy, they were talking about weird as movies that I’ve never heard of before… couldn’t keep up. Neither could Mary, but she tried, by asking questions “….so what’s that about..?” HAHA! Funny.

What else… OH! On the Skytrain on the way home, these 3 ladies got on. They must have been in their mid-40’s I’m guessing. They’d obviously been drinking a bit, they’d been at the Bon Jovi concert I’m pretty sure. Anyways, I was sitting next to one of them, and across from the other two. First off, they weren’t sure if they were on the right train, so they asked me. But I wasn’t sure if we were on theย Millenniumย line or Expo line, so I just said listen for it at the next stop… So then the train said they were on the wrong one basically, but then they weren’t sure if they should get off now or what, so I told them they could stay on until Columbia, THEN switch. Saves getting up and getting on the next train & loosing their seats etc. So they stayed on. LOL.

Then there was a really, REALLY stoned/drunk guy who got on and was sitting next to one of the 2 ladies, opposite me. He was full ‘tweaking’ and twitching and looking around so dopishly. The lady next to me looked at me and goes “see, don’t do drugs.” LOLOL. One of the ladies opposite us, sitting next to the guy, was putting on her lip gloss & the guy like looked at her, but in his stoned state, and she was like ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ :|! looking back at us. LOL. It’s hard to explain it, but it was just so hilarious. And the other lady opposite me was literally crying trying not to laugh. She was so red & had tears coming down her face trying to contain her laughter. LOLOL. I was trying so hard not to laugh too! We were all laughing so hard basically! Then as soon as he got off it was just a huge thing of laughter! LOL.

The lady who was talking to me was like “yeah, and I told this girl, don’t do drugs! HAHAHAHAHA” it was so funny. LOL. Then they were talking about Bon Jovi again I’m guessing, they said he has a nice ass…. Then one girl said I want the left side! Then the other said I’ll have the right side then! And the lady next to me goes “screw both of the legs, I want what’s in between!” then she looked at me and was like “Oh, shit! SORRY!” I’m guessing they thought I was really young. LOL!

Funny as though. Made my night. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages.

Anywhoooo…. I’m tired now, going to go to sleep. Night!

Day 312


This afternoon I headed downtown to go to work for my “walk through” thingy with the other 9 people who were hired. Half of them were from my interview, the other half from the other interview.. so at least I recognized some people.

The walk through was pretty straightforward. We just handed in our forms we had to fill out, then had a really quick run down of the place and where everything is etc. Tomorrow we have a 5 hour orientation/training session thing where I’m sure we’ll be going over everything again in greater detail! So that’ll be good. Not sure what to expect though.

Oh! We got shown ย the projectionist area today too. It was cool! Watching it all spin around and everything, pretty neat. However, she told us that the 35mm film used in cinemas is going to be pushed out soon, it’ll all be digital. The digital films just come on a hard drive, you plug it in, and press play basically! Oh, technology!!

After the walk through was over, a couple of us were still standing around, we’re all the “Skytrain” people we dubbed ourselves, so we were off to go get on the Skytrain. The only two guys (in our whole hired group!) weren’t coming to the train this time though, so they stayed back. But me & two other girls walked back to the Skytrain. They both got off at Granville, one always gets off there, the other was going to a concert lol. Anddddd I headed back to 22nd for my hour long commute home!

When I got home Sarah and I watched the original TRON movie. Sooooo bad. LOL. I’m guessing when it came out back in the 80’s people were all “WOW! AMAZING!” and probably highly doubted computers would do much in the future! LOL. It was very painful to watch. But I watched the whole thing. LOL Sarah was very over it right from the beginning. I now feel like going to watch the new TRON movie… maybe I will! I can do that now, FOR FREEE!

Everyone back home is at Soundwave today ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I’m sad. Jess posted on my Facebook that her, Eryn & Leanna were “reminiscing about pass soundwaves in which you attended with us.” apparently it’s not the same without me! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Haha. I’ll definitely be at SW 2012!

Anywhoo, it’s still half an hour to midnight, but I’m going to go and try to get to bed. I have to leave home tomorrow around 10.30 I think. Unlucky for me with my long commute! ย Eh! Night!!

Day 256

So, as I do my final blog and say goodbye to 2010, let’s have a quick recap of my year..

I’ve had 4 jobs. I moved from Gold Coast, Australia.. to Vancouver, Canada. I worked at a carnival, and a huge fair/exhibition. I even worked at a pet store. I traveled and stayed in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, New York, Arlington and none other than Mt Ida, Arkansas. I met some pretty interesting Canadians. I moved out of home and got my own place. I got a pet hedgehog! I saw film sets, and I met a lot of people who do extra work in lots of shows. I played in the snow, and I even saw Joan Jett live! I did a whole bunch of things that I’ve wanted to do, and 2010 was the year for that.

2011 is almost at my doorstep, and I think it’s also going to be another big year. Some things that I know are planned already are going skiing and snowboarding in the next week, got to get another cool job, will be finishing my 365 blog posts in April (OMG. NOW WHAT?!), I’ll be seeing more film sets, hopefully traveling to New York & Niagara Falls in summer, working a few more days at the carnival hopefully too. Then going to spend summer with my sister and her family in Mt Ida! I’ll go camping in Vancouver too hopefully with Sarah.. I’ll probably end up back in Australia before 2012, maybe.. We’ll see. Hopefully also going to start my own carnival in Australia too! I’ll also be turning 20 in 2011… Oh god! I can’t think of anything else right now, but I’m sure it will be just as exciting as 2010 has proven to be!

As for blogging about the day I’ve had, I watched Easy A, caught up on Hellcats episodes, ate a cupcake, observed Ashley as she made the big top cupcake! And that’s pretty much it to be honest.. New Years so far is proving to be pretty lame and crappy.. I’m blogging now because I’m attempting to head out somewhere tonight hopefully, I don’t care where.. Just not sitting home for it. That’s just bullshit. So here’s the blog, and now I’ll go try and find something to do! I’ll talk to you all again, next year ๐Ÿ˜‰ Night!

Day 179


Late blog, yeah I know. But I’ve been Skyping with Victoria & Sarah for several hours now! LOL. Good fun. I was also playing with Hercules, had him out of the cage. He was exploring. I think he was having a heap of fun running around all over the place. So cute! Should let him out to explore more often. He loves it!

Skype was entertaining too. We got a lot of stuff planned too. Got to work out how easy transit is now in all these places. Tours are good and all, but $79 vs getting a bus… I’m more leaning towards the transit. Way cheaper!

So I went to work today too. It was long. It was pretty funny today though. Nicole & I have decided she has to go to McDonalds & say “G’day mate, I’ll have a big mac with chips.” Then when they tell her the price she has to go “Oh, bloody oath!” LOL. They all found it hilarious. And couldn’t believe we call them chips. LOL. Funny.

Other than that, the day was average. I’m super tired now as it’s 1.35am. Talked to those two for ages. Gonna go brush my teeth now and then go to sleep. I think tomorrow I need to go to the bank, possibly Metrotown & possibly Value Village. Then hopefully get to Granville st by 2pm for a free Marianas Trench concert! Sweet!

Night all!