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Day 608, 609, 610, 611, 612, 613 and 614!

Evening, and Merry Christmas!

Monday I had to work all day on the basketball game. Fun fun.

Tuesday the same, except they had 7 new kids training in games so every hour or so they sent one down to me on basketball to teach them that haha.  So that’s what I did.

Wednesday I had a day off, thankfully, cause I’d also woken up with the cold everyone else here has had. So, I watched 5 movies. Mission Impossible 1-3, From Justin To Kelly, and Stuck On You. I’m so exciting, right?

Thursday I woke up feeling a bit better, and straight back in to work. I had training on pedal boats at 8am until about 11. During the training we got to pedal one of the boats out around the Seaworld lake, as well as driving the tinny out to practice getting the boats towed back in etc. Good fun 🙂 Afterwards though, I wasn’t rostered on but they asked me to stay back and help move stock from one store to another, so I agreed. I ended up not finishing until 5.40pm, so it was a good solid work day. Came home and pretty much went straight to bed.

Friday, I worked 1-5.30 I think, moving stock again. We were spose to do pedal boats but due to the rain we got cancelled for that so just moved stuff instead. Hectic. That night Mum, Monte, Jordy & I went to Cold Rock, watched the waves at the beach, went and saw a house with Christmas lights, and then headed home. Mum & I also went back over to Robina to finish off some Christmas shopping!

Saturday, Christmas Eve! …. Had to work lol. 8-1.30 this time. It was hectic as. I was spose to move stock again, but seeing as there was hardly ANYONE in the park at that time, especially retail staff, someone had called in sick over at the Resort so they wanted me to go over there and open it up?!? I’ve never even used a register, and I have no clue in the world anything to do with the resort, like, I don’t even think I’d ever been in there! So this was very concerning. But one of the supervisors was going to drive me over there and help set up etc, and luckily on the way out the front doors we ran in to this other lady, Diane, who normally works all the time in the main Seaworld Shop so thankfully we just scooped her up and took her over there too! At least she’d know how to use the register! We were basically all clueless though for the resort, not good! But when we got there, we scooped up yet another person, this time another manager/supervisor thing who we dragged along, so the four of us are walking around the resort quick as trying to work out how to open/set up the shop. It was such chaos!

Eventually Diane had it under control so my supervisor and I headed back over to Seaworld. Seeing as Diane was over at the resort though, it meant I would then have to open the Seaworld Shop!! Just as crazy, if you ask me. So I had to do that myself, gah. Someone from games joked around later when I told them and said “You know you’ve made it when you open the Seaworld shop!” ahaha. But yep. That was the crazy morning. Thankfully the rest of the day was chilled with just moving stock again lol.

That afternoon I had to go pick up Grandma and take her to Dads/Daves place. Stayed there to talk to them all for a little bit before heading back home. Wrapped some more presents, cooked my vegetarian lasagne etc. Then we all sat down to open some presents. I was really excited to get Guitar Hero instruments! But unfortunately due to being secondhand and from eBay, the drums don’t work, and one of the two guitars is pretty dodgy/going to break soon. So I was pretty devastated really… So Mum & I are going to go to JB Hi Fi tomorrow morning and hope one of the stores on the coast still has that $89 band bundle set for sale and buy that and try and get a refund from the eBay person, hopefully it all works out! I just want to play the drums! 😦

Sunday, today, aka Christmas! I was the first up, around 7am, don’t know why. Once I’m up, I’m up. It wasn’t until just after 9 that everyone else got up, having to drag Kahni out of bed to all go downstairs and open the rest of the presents. All good fun though. Oh, I got a unicycle! Thanks mother! We put it together, can’t really ride it out front though, need to find a better surface. Considering how long it’s been since I rode one, I thought I did pretty good ;). Need to pump the tire up a bit more, finally got the seat to stay in place. Haha I was thinking I can do like a “Pimp My Unicycle” and add some fancy bike accessories on to it, like cool lights on the wheel that when it spins they light up etc, or like a funny valve cap lol just random stuff like that. Maybe I can strap a torch on to it somewhere for riding in the dark 😉 haha. I dunno. Just need to find a surface to ride on, and start juggling finally!

Lots of people came around here today for Christmas celebrations. It was crowded. Lots of food was made and eaten, but still lots left over! Left overs for the next week! All good fun. In the afternoon Kahni and I went over to Dad/Daves place to say Merry Xmas to all them etc, that was good too. Although one of the other people there, Michelles sister, maybe? I’m not sure. Anyways, she had a little chihuahua with her visiting & somehow he got out and ran off. So we all went out looking for him. Kahni and I got in the car and drove around looking, asking everyone we saw. On our journey we ended up discovering that there was also a man who’s two dobermans had gotten out earlier, he was very distraught looking for them, poor guy. Also a dalmatian was out/loose. We saw him from a distance but by the time we did a U turn we’d lost him somewhere and didn’t know where.. Just wasn’t a very good day for dogs in that one area! :S In the end the chihuahua was found so that was good.

Came back home, ate some left overs, played some Guitar Hero on the only fairly working guitar. Realized I suck big time at guitar, I just want to play the drums so badly! D: But yeah, now I’m really tired so I might head off to bed soon. Up nice and early to head out to the shops for these “sales” before I have to go to work at like 12.30. So yeaaah, that’s that. Merry Christmas all, enjoy! Next blog post will be next year ;o 😉


Day 594, 595, 596, 597, 598, 599 and 600!


On Monday, Day 594 I was off to work! It was a slow day in the sense that there wasn’t as many customers as usual, although it was hectic due to only having 3 of us running 6 games. I was doing 3 games on my own. So breaks came really late and it was hectic….

Tuesday, work again. Same deal, 3 people 6 games. Wasn’t as chaotic, us 3 managed it so much better than Monday’s 3 haha. I was again running all 3 games on the other side so seeing as I had no one else there to entertain me, I decided to entertain myself. So I tied all the little keyring animal prizes to my belt and had a monkey wrapped around my arm lol. A lady came up to me as she walked by and was like “you must have the best job!!” I was like it can be enjoyable! I don’t always have my animals though! Then she said I was like Noah, cause I had an “ark” with all the animals on me haha. It was funny.

Mum also went to Hong Kong Tues night, lucky her!

Wednesday, I went to Robina with Rhianna & her sister Michelle. We shopped around for awhile, Rhianna attempted some Christmas shopping haha. Pretty average day at Robina anyways. We got really tired of walking around and sat down at Gloria Jeans for awhile with some drinks. I had a cookies & creme drink this time instead of a Tim Tam drink! Om nom nom still. We were going to see a movie, but nothing good was on around then and we didn’t want to wait hours. So we just all went home. Rhianna had given me the newest Gossip Girl episodes as well as Pretty Little Liars so I spent the night catching up on them!

Thursday I was trying to win tickets to the Foo Fighters concert on the radio, but alas I didn’t succeed cause the idiots never answered my calls, just kept ringing out every time. Wasn’t engaged like usually in competitions, just rung out! I was so mad. Oh well. I also watched The Mummy & The Mummy Returns with Jordy cause he was too scared to watch them by himself haha.

Friday, I’m not sure what I did. Kept trying to win tickets to the concert, still no luck. Oh, I had to go to Centrelink, twice. To sort out everything. That took up most of the day. Also went over to Rhiannas with Kahni so Kahni could buy one of their old fish tanks for Lukas’s turtle cause they broke the one they had… Fail.

Saturday, had to get up nice and early to head up to dog training! Yay! It was pissing down rain though the whole way up there so that was an exciting drive. We had a staff meeting at the beginning, just going over things for next year. Got so much to do! It’s going to be a very hectic year for me next year…. I don’t even know where to start..! I have to renew my first aid cert, as well as getting a dog first aid cert, might be getting a blue card just cause they’re free at the moment. Gotta do all that by March. In Feb I’ll be starting full time uni, and in April I’ll need to start the Cert 4 for dog training on top of uni and work and dog training etc… Oh, I’m also thinking of doing a Government funded Cert 2 in security/crowd control through Centrelink, so I could get some occasional work at sporting events/concerts/etc.. Seems like it would be cool, and it’s a free course, so why not! Helloooo hectic year… I’m going to be insanely qualified for random shit!

Anyway, back to the day! Didn’t get any learning in as one of the classes due to the rain ended up being over in another location in Cleveland so half the group went over there for that class, while a few of us stayed back to do the puppy class in the shed. They only needed the trainer for that class as well as one assistant, so 3 of us ended up just doing a quiz/test sheet Alex had done up on prices and vaccinations and heaps of other things lol that was difficult, I don’t know the prices and stuff yet.. ahh.

After the puppy class, we set up for our doggy/customer Christmas party. The rain had cleared up by then thankfully but we still put two tent/cover things up just in case anyways. Had some food & soft drinks out and we had some games & prizes too, good fun. Games like who can do the fastest sit, then fastest drop, best tail wag, best doggy kisses etc lol pretty funny.

After the party, we all packed up and everyone headed home. I had to give Dee a hand getting all the stuff back to her place as her car was full. I had to take the eski, the folded up table, and her 15 yr old Beagle called Phantom haha. Ex-customs dog. He sat in my front seat, just chilling. So I followed them back to Dee’s place and dropped the stuff off. Also got to get a shirt finally so now I fit in with the rest of the group in purple shirts haha. I was the odd one out in my black random shirt..

Sunday, today, Jordy, Monte & I went to breakfast at Cucina Mia. Then afterwards Jordy & I went over to Robina to do some Christmas shopping. We just looked at a heap of things, but never actually got anything cause he was feeling sick with a cold so we came home. I dropped him off there and went back over to Robina though cause the storm was coming in so I parked & waited & got a little bit of Christmas shopping started… Came home, chilled. Haha. Watched Our Idiot Brother tonight, such a good movie actually. I enjoyed it.

Anywhoo, now I’m off to bed. Work tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that. Nah, that’s a lie, with this weather I probably will be lucky to actually get at least 1 of my 3 scheduled days… Stupid rain. Although I do like the rain, it means much cooler weather! Maybe we can just manage to skip past the whole of summer!!! Wouldn’t that be brilliant! I’m so not ready for the Australian summers…

Day 580, 581, 582, 583, 584, 585 and 586!

On Monday I got called in to work, so I gladly accepted haha. So that’s what I did all day. A kid came in with chicken pox apparently, so that was fun paranoia by all the staff after he touched everything haha.

Don’t think I really did anything at all on Tuesday or Wednesday. Family was away in Bundaberg. Think I just watched a heap of movies. Also made a casserole 😮 haha Masterchef skill.

Thursday I had to go in to Centrelink in the morning, then chilled all day I think ? Haha. I’m really terrible at remembering things…

Friday marked a year since we were in LA spending Thanksgiving there, had IHOP for breakfast, AND dinner! Good fun. Don’t think I actually did anything that day haha.

Saturday, went up to dog training. I picked Shelley up on the way to carpool & off we went. It was a good day too, learned heaps. There was also a dead snake in one of the gardens, and no dog had found it until the older puppy play group right at the end haha, we stopped them from touching it though but at least they pointed out what the gross smell was!

Sunday, today, I watched more movies and played Xbox, so yeah. Pretty average. I’m watching View From The Top at the moment haha. Travel bug.

Anyways, off now. Laters!

Day 573, 574, 575, 576, 577, 578 and 579!


Monday morning I got up super early and went with Rhianna to Brisbane for her 3 job interviews. Each one was with a recruitment agency type thing, and as it turns out, each interview was for the SAME job. Quite annoying! While she did her interviews I just walked around Queen St waiting. Good fun. We had Gloria Jeans too in the Mall, and after SO much walking around we were dead to the world, found the car finally, and set off home. That afternoon I got home there was some kids riding around the street on a green machine bike thing, being towed by a P plater car. They ended up leaving a HUGE dent in Kahnis car. Not pleased 😮

That night also meant I got to watch the Hunger Games trailer which had finally been released 😀 Check it.

Tuesday, I don’t remember. Nor do I remember Weds or Thurs. One of these days I’m sure I went to Robina with Rhianna, and we saw Santa sleeping on his chair waiting for people to get photos with him haha. Quite funny.

Friday I went to Robina again with Kahni & we saw Breaking Dawn. Was probably the best out of all 4 so far, finally included some werewolf stuff, and probably some of Kristen Stewarts best acting yet haha. We also went and found me some pants that I needed for work.

Saturday I had to get up & leave nice & early to go to dog training! 🙂 It was pretty fun. Although I actually didn’t really get to do anything dog related at all. It ended up being more just getting to know my fellow workers actually. Cause one of the girls was really sick, like shaking/sweating etc. Poor kid. I ended up having to drive her home, in her car. She lived about 15 mins away. Then her Mum drove me back to the dog training. Awkward haha. But yeah, that’s one way to get to know your workers! We also had a dog come in with Kennel Cough so we had to disinfect everything including ourselves, it was like quarantine. We got sprayed down and everything lol. Good stuff.

That afternoon I came home, sunburned, laid in bed and watched Burlesque, which was actually not a bad movie. Christina Aguilera actually talks really soft kinda, like you’d NEVER guess she could sing the way she does/how deep she sings haha. T’was an aiight movie. I also watched SALT, which wasn’t bad at all. Quite liked it actually. Later that night I watched The Wedding Singer haha. Big movie sesh really.

Today, Sunday, we had Maccas for breakfast. Had the open house inspection. Watched Kick-Ass. Just chilled really. I’m currently putting on Bicentennial Man now to watch then go to bed. Old movie! Laters!

Day 545, 546, 547, 548, 549, 550 and 551!

Monday wasn’t very eventful, kind of just sorted out what the go was for going down to Stanthorpe. Didn’t really do much at all I don’t think.

Tuesday, I packed up my car, and drove down to Stanthorpe. I stopped over in Canungra to see Michelle and pick up her How I Met Your Mother season 1-6 DVD’s, then I stopped again at Warwick on the way for a toilet break and then got down here to Stanthorpe. Okay, it’s not actually Stanthorpe, it’s Thulimbah, I think that’s how you spell it. I also got a phone call on the way from a job at a pet store I’d applied at last week. He wanted me to come in for an interview on Wednesday, but alas I was no longer on the Coast, so I explained that to him and he said he’d give me a phone interview on Wednesday afternoon instead, sweet.

Wednesday morning, 6.30am. Woke up to Shep & Blue, the border collie x cattle dogs nuding me to wake up! So that wasn’t much of a sleep in. I’m pretty sure I spent the whole day watching How I Met Your Mother season 1. Played with the dogs, fed the dogs, etc. Haha. Had the phone interview, I thought it went alright. He said I’d hear from him by Friday afternoon, so here’s to the wait.

Thursday, I watched  season 2, I think I also watched season 1 of Parenthood. Somewhere in the past two days I’ve also watched 16 Wishes, Zookeeper, Did You Hear About The Morgans, and Remember Me. Shit, where have I found the time for all of this? AND played with the dogs, attempted some clicker training, which by the way, Shep is very good at!

Friday, let’s say I watched season 3 and did the same stuff as every other day! No call from the pet store though, no job 😦 Ah well. Wasn’t meant to be. Anyways, the dogs all like to wake me up in the morning, it’s hard with three dogs, cause I only have two hands!!

Saturday, I actually went out! Amazing right?! I drove down to Stanthorpe, went to Crazy Clarks, Woolworths, and this other discount store like Crazy Clarks, but it’s called Waynes World, funny right? Ahaha. I bought some more food for the week, bought a ball thrower thing cause the dogs slobber on the ball sooo much. I also watched more How I Met Your Mother.

Sunday, today, watched more How I Met Your Mother. I’m up to Season 6 now, I have two discs to go. I won’t finish it all by tonight haha, tomorrow it will be completed! And then I don’t know what I’ll be doing…….. More movies, Xbox, whatever! Anywhooo, yep. That’s that! Laters!

Day 496, 497, 498, 499, 500!!, 501.. and 502!

I know this post should have come last night, but I doped myself up on cold and flu medicines and fell asleep for majority of the day and then through the night 🙂

ANYWAY! For day 496, aka Monday, I don’t remember what I did during the day, but that night Kahni and I went over to Heleina & Bec’s place to catch up with them. We hadn’t seen them in a long time, and it was Ria’s birthday, so we went over to say hi and chat for a bit 🙂 That was nice. They had two little like 3 day old baby chickens too, they were pretty cute. I held one of them all night haha, it liked being in my hands. Cause when I put it back down in the box it wouldn’t stop chirping lol.

On Tuesday, day 497, I went to the dog park with Rhianna & Shane, Shane brought along his dog Calais this time too so that Cruz didn’t feel so scared and alone. And it worked too, Cruz was much more lively and less scared with Calais there to watch over him/guide him. So that was good. There was a little staffy x puppy there too, 10 weeks old being fostered, Rhianna reckons I dropped her. “Dropped a disabled puppy” HAHA. It wasn’t really disabled… but it was abandoned when it was a few weeks old because it’s back legs weren’t working. But her legs are doing just fine now! And I didn’t drop her! I was putting her down, and as she got to the floor, her legs gave way… and it looked like I’d dropped her LOL.

Can’t recall a thing I did on Wednesday, probably nothing much except sit at home looking up cars and houses lol.

Thursday I hung out with Michelle and her new dog, Lilly. Have you noticed everyone’s got a dog now except for me? Michelle called me a “dog slut” because I hang out with everyone’s dogs at the dog park lol. And it’s true, we took Lilly to the dog park, and there was people and there dogs there from previous times I’ve been there with Rhianna and Cruz, as well as her parent’s cattle dog Ally, AND Shane’s cattle dog Calais lol. So who knows what those people think every time they see me there with a different dog lol. Cause now I’m there with Michelle and her dog! Haha. Pretty funny. We also went to the pet barn to buy a bunch of supplies for her dog, and that was pretty much it for the day.

That night I had Nando’s for dinner with Monte & Jordy, and then around 8.30pm I went out for Alex’s 18th! We went into the grossest place on the GC, which happens to be Surfers! I know that it’s supposed to be glamorous and all, and it may be fairly nice with the beaches and stuff by day, but by night, some really feral people come out to play. I don’t like driving into Surfers, it’s hectic there. So I parked at Pac Fair & Alex, Paige & Abbey picked me up there and drove in. Then they dropped me back after too to my car heh.

I think we left Surfers around 1.30am, saw a lot of people I went to school with, none of whom I liked at all and obviously none of them said hi to me lol. Ran into Angie though she was out too with some of her friends haha. She was very surprised to see me out in Surfers. Even I was surprised I went out… But most of the night was spent with Mel & Matt, Paige, Abbey, Alex, and a few other people. I met one girl who’s friends with that group that I’d never met before… When they told her who I was she was like “YOU’RE JESS JAMES?! You’re famous! Everybody loves you!!” I was like uhhh, okay? Haha. “Everybody talks about you all the time! You’re so famous!” I lol’d.

I didn’t get home until about 4 that night/morning, ended up talking to Mel all night at her place. Just chilling, catching up. Good stuff.  🙂

On Friday I don’t know what I did, I guess I just looked up cars. Oh! I remember now, I’d found a car on Gumtree for $4,600! It was a 2005 Subaru Forester. With about 146,000kms. So for that price it was a damn good price! So I rang the guy up, and we arranged to go see it in half an hours time. When we were just about to leave, he sent me a text saying “sorry car sold” sigh. So that blew a hole in my car hunting.

So I spent the rest of the day looking up cars. Came across one in Brisbane, a Lancer, $7500. 110,000kms. 2005. Even though it’s a 2005, it’s a year newer than my 2005 one was. Mine was a “MY05” this is a “MY06” so it’s basically an 06 model. It’s much nicer/newer inside than mine was, I had grey interior, it’s got black interior. It’s just more updated than mine was. Also has a 2.4L engine instead of a 2L. Anyways, I didn’t call up on Friday, instead I called up Saturday morning after we had breakfast at Cucina Mia.

So Saturday was spent with Monte & I driving up to Brisbane to check out this car. It’s in pretty good condition, minus a few scratches on the back right bit, and faded door handles cause they’re plastic. Did I mention the car is red? Lol. It feels much more powerful than my Lancer did cause of the bigger engine, I’m sure it’s going to eat more fuel too… But hey, we got the guy to take $7,000 for it. So for that price, it’s a great deal too. I’m pretty happy. Haven’t got it yet, will get it tomorrow. 🙂

Sunday was Fathers Day, but I was so sick I felt like death. So I wasn’t a very good daughter for Fathers Day lol. I apologize Dad, and Monte. I slept almost all of the day, kept taking cold and flu stuff, tried to kill it quick. Fell asleep as well last night with the night time medicine. I think I slept pretty well, didn’t get up until about 10.30 today. I feel a bit better today but not amazing. My throat still hurts. I think I’m just going to chill all day and try to sleep it off a bit more. Don’t want to be sick for starting work on Thursday…  So yep. That’s the blog really! Laters!

Day 488

Compared to yesterday, today is much shorter.

I didn’t sleep much, my eye was hurting. It’s been pretty bloodshot and sore today. I’ve been actually trying to use the eye drops less cause I don’t want to be relying on them heavily all the time… So I was limiting myself with the drops lol.

Anyways! I went over to Rhiannas for a bit today, we read the paper to look for jobs, houses, cars, the lot. Even though she has a car lol. We played with her family’s puppy, Ally, the cattle dog. She’s getting quite tall, yet still small puppy look lol. Just long legs! She dragged the other dog, Lily’s food bowl down to the yard. The bowl is like half the size of her so it was quite a sight lol.

Tonight Mum, Monte, Jordy, Kahni & I went to Sizzler. Had to wait half an hour to be seated though, but they did give us some cheesy bread while we waited! Best part of Sizzler definitely. Ate our food, then headed home.

Keep looking up cars, not having that much luck with what I’m after but mmm. Oh, and with my puppy I want to get, Nicole offered that I could get him and let him stay at her place until I’m able to move out once I’m employed. But I dunno. If I was to do that, the puppy would like her family more than he liked me, it wouldn’t be right! 😦 Back at square one lol. I’m ready to go live in a caravan park for a few months hey, I’m not fussed! LOL.