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Day 615, 616, 617, 618, 619, 620, and 621!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Welcome to 2012, still no flying cars or anything else that fancy…

Monday, day 615 was Boxing day. Super chaos everywhere, I just don’t understand why people don’t just stay home and enjoy the public holiday! Either way, we still went out and hit the shops haha. We were on a mission though, to find Guitar Hero! Which, we did! It was down at Tweed city so we had to drive all the way down there to get it. While there, Mum figured we get a 2nd one to sell cause they were so cheap. But unfortunately we just ended up selling it to Kahni/Lukas for the price we bought it at ๐Ÿ˜ฆ haha. ย Anywaysss, after all that I had to get to work. Lots of traffic trying to get there. Carpark was full as. Insane. Worked 1-5, in pedal boats then games. Averagee.

Tuesday, my only day off this week! Mum & I went to pick up my 2nd unicycle in the afternoon, it came with a stand for only $20. So now I have two ๐Ÿ™‚ One is more for like grassy ground, the other is more flat ground. Now I just need to go find somewhere to ride them! Not really sure what else I did, watched movies maybe? I dunno. Slept!

Wednesday, back to work again. I ended up having to do some vending training in the morning, then work in midway, then do pedal boats for half an hour, then back to midway.. good fun. Came home and just slept ย I think!

Thursday, more work! Pedal boats again. That night I dragged Jordy late night shopping with me. Bought the DVD ‘One Day’ cause I read the book a few months ago! Movie was good too.

Friday I got called in to work in one of the shops. I’d never done the shops before but they threw me right in there and apparently I did really well haha. They wanted to request I get asked to work more often in that shop haha. It rained like crazy for the last half of the day, so when I was walking from the middle of the park, to the front of the park, to the end of the carpark and beyond to the grass carpark, I was DRENCHED. Nice and cold and dripping wet, fun fun.

Saturday I did 9-6 vending. That was hectic. It’s just go go go go go, never ending in vending, and just two people doing it! Ahh. Crazy. But I survived. It rained on us a bit, and we were out front for a bit too selling things, making sure these people also didn’t hit my car cause they parked in a 3/4 parking space next to me that car’s aren’t supposed to park in! ย Haha.

Saturday night, New Years Eve! I headed out to Ashley’s place in Mudgeeraba… actually, her driveway & street is in Mudgeeraba, but the land/house is actually in Bonogin… Weird as.. Anywhoo, there was about 8 of us. We ended up playing Pictionary for a few hours haha. I was on Pats team, and we were losing badly. But it was nearly midnight so we decided next round winners win the whole game…………. AND WE WON. Ahahaha, it was a great victory. We went up to the top of Strawberry drive or whatever it’s called to watch the fireworks over the whole of the Gold Coast, so that was cool. Was kinda a bit too far away though that the fireworks all just looked really weird haha. But yeah, after that I went and had a nap in my car cause I was really tired from working all day. Rhianna and Shane were having a little ‘camp out’ in their car too next to mine so we figured we’d just came out there haha. We’ve decided we want to go real camping now….. cause this was bland lol. But still funny. I woke up again at like 6 so I came home to sleep in my bed.

Sunday, after having come home to my bed, got up later and went to work. I don’t know why I left home at 11, rather than 11.30, but I was nice and early to work.. So I just waited around. On my way to work I saw some idiot people trying to change their tire in the inside lane of the round about! Then I saw an accident in front of me when I was near work…. I think the person in the right lane, both lanes were only to go straight! I think the right lane car tried to turn left? But the left lane smashed in to its side then… Something like that… Made that horrible crunching metal noise that I don’t like lol.

Work was tiring as usual. Did boats & end of basketball too. Effort. Now I’m super tired and sore. Already watched the 3rd Narnia movie and now watching Underworld. Day 1 of movie list and I’m already on two movies ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha winning. Oh, speaking of that list…. I only made 282 movies for 2011. Poor effort. Better luck this year!

In 2011, I’ve had a total of 4 jobs, 5 if you count the fairy floss job I got here but never ended up doing haha. I spent my first summer in the US, moved out of Vancouver, moved back in with my family, unfortunately I can’t say I moved out again though, cause the tenants still haven’t pissed off so it’s going to be a few more days still… but basically moved out again :P. I can’t think of anything else interesting I did really. But yeah. Ready for bed now, once Underworld finishes. Night!


Day 580, 581, 582, 583, 584, 585 and 586!

On Monday I got called in to work, so I gladly accepted haha. So that’s what I did all day. A kid came in with chicken pox apparently, so that was fun paranoia by all the staff after he touched everything haha.

Don’t think I really did anything at all on Tuesday or Wednesday. Family was away in Bundaberg. Think I just watched a heap of movies. Also made a casserole ๐Ÿ˜ฎ haha Masterchef skill.

Thursday I had to go in to Centrelink in the morning, then chilled all day I think ? Haha. I’m really terrible at remembering things…

Friday marked a year since we were in LA spending Thanksgiving there, had IHOP for breakfast, AND dinner! Good fun. Don’t think I actually did anything that day haha.

Saturday, went up to dog training. I picked Shelley up on the way to carpool & off we went. It was a good day too, learned heaps. There was also a dead snake in one of the gardens, and no dog had found it until the older puppy play group right at the end haha, we stopped them from touching it though but at least they pointed out what the gross smell was!

Sunday, today, I watched more movies and played Xbox, so yeah. Pretty average. I’m watching View From The Top at the moment haha. Travel bug.

Anyways, off now. Laters!

Day 573, 574, 575, 576, 577, 578 and 579!


Monday morning I got up super early and went with Rhianna to Brisbane for her 3 job interviews. Each one was with a recruitment agency type thing, and as it turns out, each interview was for the SAME job. Quite annoying! While she did her interviews I just walked around Queen St waiting. Good fun. We had Gloria Jeans too in the Mall, and after SO much walking around we were dead to the world, found the car finally, and set off home. That afternoon I got home there was some kids riding around the street on a green machine bike thing, being towed by a P plater car. They ended up leaving a HUGE dent in Kahnis car. Not pleased ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

That night also meant I got to watch the Hunger Games trailer which had finally been released ๐Ÿ˜€ Check it.

Tuesday, I don’t remember. Nor do I remember Weds or Thurs. One of these days I’m sure I went to Robina with Rhianna, and we saw Santa sleeping on his chair waiting for people to get photos with him haha. Quite funny.

Friday I went to Robina again with Kahni & we saw Breaking Dawn. Was probably the best out of all 4 so far, finally included some werewolf stuff, and probably some of Kristen Stewarts best acting yet haha. We also went and found me some pants that I needed for work.

Saturday I had to get up & leave nice & early to go to dog training! ๐Ÿ™‚ It was pretty fun. Although I actually didn’t really get to do anything dog related at all. It ended up being more just getting to know my fellow workers actually. Cause one of the girls was really sick, like shaking/sweating etc. Poor kid. I ended up having to drive her home, in her car. She lived about 15 mins away. Then her Mum drove me back to the dog training. Awkward haha. But yeah, that’s one way to get to know your workers! We also had a dog come in with Kennel Cough so we had to disinfect everything including ourselves, it was like quarantine. We got sprayed down and everything lol. Good stuff.

That afternoon I came home, sunburned, laid in bed and watched Burlesque, which was actually not a bad movie. Christinaย Aguilera actually talks really soft kinda, like you’d NEVER guess she could sing the way she does/how deep she sings haha. T’was an aiight movie. I also watched SALT, which wasn’t bad at all. Quite liked it actually. Later that night I watched The Wedding Singer haha. Big movie sesh really.

Today, Sunday, we had Maccas for breakfast. Had the open house inspection. Watched Kick-Ass. Just chilled really. I’m currently putting on Bicentennial Man now to watch then go to bed. Old movie! Laters!

Day 503, 504, 505, 506, 507, 508 and 509!

Straight up, I’m going to apologize for the days that I forget what I’ve done and don’t end up mentioning it… as Nicole pointed out to me last week, on the Wednesday where I said I didn’t do anything/couldn’t remember.. Turns out I spent the day with her and Rachel, we were at Robina for a bit, and then Nicole and I were back at her house later watching the Karate Kid movie haha, my bad!

Anywhooo… Monday, Day 503, was spent continuing to sleep off the cold I had woken up with on Sunday.. Fathers day. I think I watched Friends With Benefits that day too. Good movie. Also discovered that Eminem is touring Australia at the end of the year, and by touring Australia I really mean just coming to Sydney & Melbourne. Apparently, Brisbane isn’t good enough… So I’m mad!

On Tuesday, Day 504, Mum, Monte & I drove up to Sunnybank Hills to pick up my car! Yay! It’s a pretty nice car, and definitely a great car for the $7,000 it costed me.. MUCH cheaper than its worth! Scoreee! Monte drove it home from Sunnybank, and then when we got home I drove it around the estate for a bit, then eventually drove over to Rhianna’s place to show her and Shane my nice shiny new car >;] It even drives nicely, like really smooth. I like it.

Oh, on Monday night I think it was.. Rhianna’s dog Cruz, he had to stay over at the vet because he had at least two paralysis ticks on him and was paralyzed ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but he’s okay now, he came home Tuesday afternoon and he’s all good now ๐Ÿ™‚

On Wednesday, Rhianna and I went to a bunch of real estate places at Robina to look at listings and stuff, not much luck though, and the people there in each store weren’t very willing to help… It was awkward. We also went to the pet store to look for things for Cruz. I think that’s all I did on Wednesday, someone correct me if I’m wrong…. It seems I remember all the other days much better than I do Wednesdays… Hump days!

On Thursday, I had my orientation for Seaworld! I had to be there by 8.15am, so I left home around 7.15. Such a long day. I was there until about 3.30pm I think. We had a lot of learning to do, lots of signing paper work, and walking around the park, even rode one of the rides. Also turns out a guy I went to TAFE with works there! But yeah, the day was fairly interesting. Got my uniform, roster, all that jazz. I was so tired when I got home though that I just went to bed for a few hours. Super tired!

On Friday I was at Robina for awhile with Rhianna. We felt old because we had to sit down and have a break twice. HAHA. ย We’re old and get tired easy… Good Lord, help us. I bought another book though, seeing as I’ve now finished the Hunger Games series :(. We also had Gloria Jeans, and some butter butts from the Chinese bakery thing there.. Think that was it for Friday….

On Saturday, I had my first actual shift at Seaworld! I wasn’t supposed to, because the four of us training in games had been told 8am-11am for register training, and that was it.. So when we got there, halfway in to it the lady told us we were actually staying until 3pm or later.. Thankfully everyone was cool with that. So after training in the shop on the register in the morning, we all went down to the games where we got to do each game in rotation to try them all out ๐Ÿ™‚ It was pretty cool, I like all the games but one… Cause it has a microphone you’re supposed to use.. Awkwardd… But the day was good. Finished there about 3.45, and when I got home I was super worn out again and felt kinda sick. So I went to bed for awhile. Later that night I felt way sick, like with a cold. And took some cold medicine and went to bed!

This morning, Sunday, we all got up and went to breakfast as per usual. Had toast today instead of pancakes or French toast haha. I still felt a bit sick but not too bad, I feel kinda okay now. The rest of the day I just spent sleeping off the tiredness/sickness. I also watched Eat Pray Love, which made me decide that I need to go travel more! And need to go to Europe! The story is basically about this woman from New York who decides she’s not in love with her husband anymore and needs to escape herself and all that stuff, so she basically packs up and leaves. She goes to live in Rome for a few months, and then Bali for a few weeks.. And then bam, she’s a whole new person. Rome looked awesome, and I need to travel more… So that’s what my conclusion for this week is, travel more! Something I read in this other book I’m reading says “travel broadens the mind” haha. and then the other person argues “travel is escaping reality”. Either way…. Traveelllll!

Day 475


Okay okay, so the last week of the blog – has been a bit of a lie. Really I came down to Dallas on the Monday afternoon, and spent the week there. Everything I did though was the truth, just in Texas, not Arkansas :). However! Crysti & co left me behind and went home Thursday afternoon, after the water park. So yeah! That’s that!

Anyways! Saturday night US time, I departed North America :(. I was supposed to fly out at 10pm, but we flew out a bit later due to “excessive cabin heat”. But all was good though.

On the plane I watched Hall Pass, The Adjustment Bureau, The Lincoln Lawyer, and Sleeping Beauty – but not the original what you think movie, it’s an Australian version, starring Emily Browning. And it’s actually really weird, DEFINITELY not for kids. Quite weird to be honest, I didn’t get most of it. LOL.

I slept a bit too, more than usual on a plane. So that was good. I arrived in Brisbane at about 5.30am, got my bags, cleared customs, and then got stopped by the quarantine dogs. Apparently my bag smelt funny. All was good though! And off I went!

Dad picked me up at the airport, we got some toast there and he got a coffee thing, I had water. Then we headed back to the Gold Coast, where we first had to go to Surfers so he could drop off all these speaker things to his guys to set up in a club. This was like 7 something in the morning. So then afterwards we went by his place, to say hi to Gizmo. Gizmo doesn’t remember me though ๐Ÿ˜ฆ So that was sad. He pretty much was just eh about me, didn’t remember me! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Sad! He’s fat now too! LOL.

Anyways, then we came to Mum’s house. They had Jazz waiting for me. She remembered me ๐Ÿ™‚ What a good girl. She’s definitely looking MUCH older though, and much fatter. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Poor thing. But hey, at least she remembers me!

Kahni didn’t stay long at school, she came home around 10.30 so she could drive in her car with me, she was concerned for the car. I was doing fine though! We went to Robina, sorted out my bank stuff, then went to Vodafone to sort out a phone, but Mum had to come down and sort it out instead cause I couldn’t. Unlucky.

After that I found out Mel started work at 3.30, so we awkwardly went down there and asked if they could tell her she had to come in earlier, so that I could surprise her! And they did! They did it perfectly, told her to come in an hour earlier cause they were understaffed or what not. It was great! So while we waited for her, we went and picked up Lukas from his house. This is also the first time I met him lol.

Then we went back to Robina, and waited at Mel’s work! I hid down behind this little mini wall thing, and she came in and Kahni called out to her, and she looked over, and I popped up! At first her look was kind of pissed off looking, it was so funny. Priceless really! Anyways, she covered her face and RAN out the back somewhere! LOL. Everyone was like ๐Ÿ˜ Um… But then she came running back out screaming like a mad man! She was shaking like crazy, and almost crying it looked like LOL. She was having a major heart/panic attack! MY BAD! Mission was successful though ๐Ÿ˜‰

Afterwards, Leanna was walking by Mel’s work, as she always does after her work and looked in to see if she saw Mel. Then she noticed me and though “Hey, that looks like Jess James………….IT IS JESS JAMES!!” So in comes Leanna, looking almost stunned, and I was like Ohey! LOL. She even touched me to make sure I was actually really there, HAHA. So we hung with those two there for a bit.

Then Leanna headed off to do some things, and we headed off to Gloria Jeans, where I got a Tim Tam drink! So good! LOL missed those! Checked out the new bowling/arcade/laser skirmish area, not bad! Then we went back to drop Mel off at work, and set off on to Big W!

Victoria was working, so I went up and said hey to her and everyone else. LOL. They were a bit confused to see me at first, but everyone said welcome back and stuff. Yep. Cause I so want to be back! HAHA! Anyways, found Leanna again, and then we went off to the car to drive over to KFC so we could go surprise Eryn. Eryn wasn’t there though! She didn’t finish at 5, she STARTED at 5. So instead we went to her house, which is on the way to the IGA anyways.

So we stopped at Eryn’s, Leanna is her best friend too btw. So Leanna and I walked in there. Eryn was pretty surprised. LOL. “But…. She’s supposed to be in America!!” LOL. Her parents seem pretty cool too lol! After that Kahni & I dropped Lukas at work, and then headed home.

Eventually I sorted out a plan with Nicole’s dad on how to surprise Nicole. So I went over there and parked down the street. They were all in on it which was good, so I walked in the door and her mum was talking to her down in her room so I came down the hallway and poked my head around the corner and just went “hey!” LOL. She froze for a minute, stared at me. Kind of shocked and freaked out I think LOL. Then she went and walked to the other side of the room like “oh my god!” LOL. It was classic. I think she was crying? LOL. Nicole… were you crying? HAHA. ๐Ÿ˜› Funny.

Her parents welcomed me back too! And I had dinner with them. It was nice. Met Barney, what a funny dog lol. And yeah! I hung out there for a bit, until I started feeling really tired so I figured I’d be best to head home then before I fall asleep or fell asleep driving. So I came home, parked, and came inside. Then Kahni tells me I need to go get Lukas, so… Again, off I went!

I did also tell Mel I’d pick her up from work tonight, but that’s at 11.30pm, but I’m really tired already and yeah, don’t want to be a risk driving that way, so I texted her sister now her mum’s going to pick her up again. I would have liked to, but not tonight. Another time!

So yeah, that’s that. Going to shower now, probably wash some clothes, then head off to bed! Laters!

Day 474

Good evening!

I slept in this morning, woke up to the text that said Rachel had her baby last night! ๐Ÿ™‚ Finally! A little girl. Both are happy & healthy. Oh – and from what I’ve seen on Facebook, Alexis had her baby too yesterday! ย A little boy! It’s just baby day isn’t it?!

Anyways! We went and saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 this afternoon in IMAX! It was great! Except after the whole Harry Potter movie series, I’m a bit disappointed in the way the relationships of everyone was showed in the movie vs in the book. Much better in the book, just saying. But still, the movie was great. And I’m sad it’s all come to an end ๐Ÿ˜ฆ There’s big potential though to keep Hogwarts going, start another story up there. I hope they do, sometime soon!

Went out to this Deli place for dinner, I had a hugeee baked potato, like huge! I didn’t realize potatoes grew that big LOL. But it was very very filling! I’m stuffed. And now I feel kind of sick actually. I think I’ll just go back up to the house tonight and watch some movies in bed, that’s the way. Goodnight!

Day 473


Today was a pretty chilled day, sat around and watched some TV and listened to music and what not. Went out tonight and saw Captain America though, what a great movie! Sooo excited for the Avengers to come out next year! Can’t wait!

I got this game on my iPod today, I think it’s like Hungry Shark or something. But basically you’re the shark and you go around eating everything. It’s pretty addicting lol. I got up to this part where it’s some shark testing place or something I’m guessing, it’s kinda like Jaws. And you’re a big shark by then! LOL. It’s really addicting, I can’t stop playing!

Anywhoo! Feeling really tired now, goodnight!