Day 531, 532, 533, 534, 535, 536, and 537!


Monday, Day 531, I have NO idea what I did… sorry :\

Tuesday, Day 532 however, was Kahni’s birthday. So Happy Birthday to Kahni for that. I also went to work this day, and found out I was given a “Shining Star Award” which really isn’t much, it’s just like a business card sized bit of paper that says “well done!” etc. You have to collect at least 5 of them to trade them in for anything. If you get like 20+ I think you can swap them for a swim with the dolphins or something else cool like that, there’s a whole list of things. But yep. That was the day. That night the whole family + some of Kahni’s friends went out to dinner. Her friend thought I was in Grade 9, but then when we laughed and said no, she said Grade 7 :\ how embarrassing for me.

On Wednesday I had to go into Centrelink to talk more things over with them. I went to Rhiannas place first, then we went to Centrelink. Then after that we went to Robina for a bit. Ran into some people, said hi, etc. Then we had to get back to Nerang to meet up with Pat for lunch. Then we picked up Rhiannas mum from her work, and back to Rhiannas. Then I headed home, and I don’t remember what I did that night haha.

Thursday, Steve Jobs, the Apple guy, sadly died, so that was sad news for the day. I honestly can’t remember what else I did either..

Friday, I had to work. Can’t remember much else for the day, except I was there for ages like I got out really late. I made way more money than the others though, like I beat my last week record, which another guy beat by $100 this week, but then on this day, I smashed the record again, making over $1000 😉 I’m just THAT good.

Saturday we had a house inspection so had to clean up the house in the morning, then go out while it was on, come back, etc. That afternoon I had to pick Kahni up from work & take Lukas to work. Afterwards Kahni decided she wanted to do something so we went to Robina where we went to JB Hi Fi & she bought a car stereo for her car. Then we went down to Grandma’s place to pick up her new-ish TV that she told me I could have. It’s pretty sweet, like it plays movies off USB and everything, so I was overly excited about that. Watched Bad Teacher on it too. So cool. Oh, we also went over to Dave’s that night, Kahni & I did. Martin & Anthony were up so we caught up with them for a little bit. They were all drinking though and got pretty drunk, so we didn’t stay too long lol.

Sunday, today. Another house inspection, so same routine out of the house etc. Went to Maccas with mum & ran into Mel, Erin & Nick so I said hi to them quickly. Had to pick Lukas & Kahni up at 1 from their works, and then head over to Dave/dad’s place for a family BBQ type thing. Robbie, Grandma, Martin, & Anthony were all there. Plus Dave. Michelle was too but she went to sleep cause she wasn’t feeling well. We left there at about 3.45 cause we had to get Lukas to work. So we dropped him off at work, then went back to Robina so we could go to Big W & I picked up my Xbox! 😮 Came home, set it up. And been playing it all night. We borrowed Lukas’s Black Ops game and a controller too. So when he got back from work before he played a round with me, apparently I suck. I have much to learn. I thought I did alright actually… HAHA. :\ oh well.

Anyways! That’s that. Gonna go watch Super 8 and then sleep. Night!


Day 524, 525, 526, 527, 528, 529, and 530!

I’m not sure what I did on Monday, Day 524. I think the day was spent cleaning Mum’s house before they came to take photos that afternoon for the online listing. While cleaning though, this dog randomly appeared in our drive way. So Jordy and I played with her for a few hours, her name was Marli, said her collar. There was a phone number on the collar but it was off, and no answer. Took her for a walk around the block, she walked us to this house down the street but no answer there. Eventually the lady rang me back and was all “OMG! Is she still with you?! Is she okay?! etc” turns out the house Marli took us to WAS the house she’s been staying at with her owner and the owners sister. They hadn’t even been there very long at all but Marli knew to go back there. She was such a lovely smart dog, she was also a border collie x cattle dog 🙂 I knew it as soon as I saw her, she’s the dog I want! And she appeared to me the day before my birthday! 🙂 Haha, but no, she went home to her family, she was very excited to see them again. The lady also gave me a scratchy and I won $12, happy birthday! lol.

Tuesday, was my birthday! It was pretty lame. I went to work, came home, did nothing. Had nachos for dinner, and some cake. Mum layby’d an Xbox for me, still gotta pay off half of it, so I kind of still really got nothing for my birthday haha. That’s the only thing I got anyways. Turning 20 sucked really. Work was tiring. Yarda yarda.

Wednesday was supposed to be my day off, and I had a centrelink appt in the morning which I went to, but then afterwards I was called in to work so off I went. Long day. That night Kahni & I went to dinner at Montezumas with dad, t’was good.

Thursday I had to work again, tiring. That night I went to Robina to meet up with Michelle & Kalindi and we were going to meet up/say hi to Tafe people cause they were doing a catch up thing. Didn’t stay with them long, had to go get some stuff at the shops before they shut, ran into Chantelle and her boyfriend, so they came with us. Then we went to Max Brenners and hung out with more of Michelles friends lol. Eventually some of us decided we wanted Gloria Jeans instead so we went there. Ran into Mel & co, and Nick’s back! So then I said hi to them for a bit. Then eventually everyone went home! Long day!

Friday, I’m not sure what I did during the day. But in the evening, Rhianna came to pick me up and we were going to meet people at Burleigh for dinner. We were going to bring her dogs, Cruz & Callais, but I found a huge tick on Callais, and Rhianna said she’d been walking a bit funny. So we went back to her parents house where we spent some time getting the tick out of her. She seemed fine, except for a bit of a limp in one leg. So we left the dogs there and went off to Burleigh. Met up with Pat & Amanda, then Ashley joined soon after. We had fish & chips and stuff at one of the places there, it was good. We all sat and talked for ages. Fun fun.

Saturday morning we quickly cleaned up more before an open house inspection. Went to breakfast, and also went and cleaned our cars. Rhianna had to go to work too, but she had said Callais had gotten much worse.  She said Shane’s mum was going to go over there and check on her and take her to the vet, but when Rhianna finished work, she rang her, and she was still asleep, hadn’t checked on her. So I was already out and headed over to their place to check on Callais while Rhianna drove back from Dreamworld.

Callais was okay, but her legs were pretty bad. When I got there she got excited and brought her play shoe over, the one she wants you to throw for her. She sat it infront of me and stared at it, waiting. Even though her legs were quite paralyzed and giving way, she just wanted to chase the damn shoe! Anyways, we decided to take her to the vet. It was closed though being a Saturday afternoon, so we had to go to one over in Ashmore. When we got there and spoke to them and got a price quote, Rhianna called Shane and he said he didn’t want to pay it, and to take her home, “she’ll be right”. But she wasn’t good. I carried her into the vet and out too, too many steps for her. Her legs kept giving way, it wasn’t good at all.  We drove back to Rhiannas parents place and tried to figure out what to do. We rang the RSPCA/AWL to see how much they’d charge, rang whoever we could think of that may know information etc. Eventually I ended up ringing up the vet we’d just seen and basically just explained how we can’t pay it but what else can we do? So she gave me a list of instructions and stuff and basically we hoped for the best. Then I went home, and that was that.

Sunday, today, I had to go to work. It was a long day, yeah. Also, Callais got worse, but she did end up seeing the vet and now she’s there getting treated. Rhiannas dad paid the deposit, and Shanes brother is to pay him back and pay the rest when he picks her up on Tuesday. Poor Callais, it’s going to cost more and take longer all because no one wanted to pay it yesterday but today they finally agreed. Sigh. But yeah. Watched Terra Nova tonight, that new show. Looks like it has potential, but we’ll see hey. I’m tired now and off to bed, laters!

Day 517, 518, 519, 520, 521, 522 and 523!

I know I’m a day off on this one, but it’s okay I’ll still only write it up until Sunday night so that it keeps in order still…

Anyways, on Monday, I don’t know what I did… Oh. I had to go to a centrelink interview, but they ended up cancelling it on me as soon as we were walking in the door basically, we were right out front when we got the call to cancel. So not cool. I don’t know what I did for the rest of the day though..

On Tuesday, I went to work. Kind of had a crappy day I think. People were annoying me, friends were being a bit lame. Don’t know what else I did that night after work, nothing probably either lol.

Wednesday, was BYO cup for a 7/11 slurpee thing. So that night Kahni and I went and picked Lukas up from work and went over to 7/11 to get some slushees in huge kitchen tupperware container things lol. It only costed $2.60 each cup/bucket thing but hell no could you finish it all. It went gross and runny but it was the thought of it that made it exciting :). That day I think I also hung out at Robina for a bit with Rhianna.

On Thursday, I worked. I had to learn to do the basketball thing all on my own kinda. It’s a game where there’s always only one person running it and that’s it and its separate from the other games so I was on my own. Wasn’t bad though I actually enjoyed it. The customers are fun on that game too. And I get to shoot a basketball all day and get paid for it, pretty cool lol. Improving my shot like mad 🙂

Friday morning I had to go to Centrelink again too, didn’t have enough of the paper work though cause they’d sent me the wrong form so I have to go back there again soon. Also went to the ear nose & throat specialist where he stuck a camera thing down my nose and it was gross. Basically he saw nothing wrong with my adenoids and said I need like steroid nose spray and stuff like that, allergy meds. Not cool. Should just leave Queensland again lol. Oh, and on Friday night a bunch of us went and saw the Lion King in 3D lol it was fun.

On Saturday I had to go to work, it was a long tiring day. They didn’t tell me I’d be doing half the day on the basketball game so I forgot my hat and in turn got burnt. :(. There was a guy there training me on it too and we were bored and played 1 on 1 basketball. I won 10-7. Pretty funny. We almost ended up having a bit of a crowd watching, just a few people passing by here and there laughing and stuff lol. I rule apparently.

On Saturday night a bunch of us went over to Rhiannas and had a bonfire camp out little thing, it was pretty fun. Shane had to leave super early in the morning at 4am to go up to Townsville or Mackay or something unfortunately. So yeah. Good night.

On Sunday Rhianna and I went to the pet store with Cruz to get something for his ticks, and then went over to her parents house where we had a nice little lunch with her family lol. We also watched Mars Needs Moms with her dad lol. Played with the dogs for a little bit, and then went back to Rhiannas. I came home, finished packing my room, took more stuff over to Nicoles place, talked to her for a little bit. Then finally came home and yeah!

That’s the week really…. laters!

Day 510, 511, 512, 513, 514, 515, and 516!

On Monday, Day 510, I’m not really sure what I did during the day.. I don’t remember.. But that night I went to the movies and saw Horrible Bosses. Wasn’t as funny as everyone had hyped it up to be, but it wasn’t bad. It was alright really. Some bits bored me, some were quite funny lol. But that’s that.

On Tuesday I had work. It was good. Tiring though, but good. That night I was tired and stuff from work, so I laid in bed all night and finished off reading my book. It had a bit of a shocking moment in it, and I didn’t really want to keep reading after that, it was just like a halt… But yeah, not gonna spoil it. Haha.

On Wednesday I hung out with Michelle. I had to go switch my car rego over because I had kept forgetting to do that, so Michelle came to hang out with me for the day and we went and did that. We also went by Dad’s work so I could pick up some stuff from there. I scored a rainbow flag there too, with a smiley face on it. Lol it came out of MP’s apparently. Adding it to my flag collection! Score ahaha.

The rest of the day we just hung out at Robina, just chilling. That night Aaron joined us and we decided to see Final Destination 5 in 3D, but it wasn’t on until about 9.30, so we went over and they got some pizza, then we drove down to Burleigh to go bowling for a bit. I’ve decided I have really retarded fingers because bowling balls really hurt my fingers. I can never find a ball that’s the right weight, with the right sized holes… It sucks haha.

The movie was pretty good, joined in with the first one too so it was cool. I could see that coming though… apparently the others didn’t pick up on it. :\. It was very much the same though, super gory and whacky death scenes, Final Destination style. This one was also done in Vancouver too 😉

Oh, Michelle & I were also asked for ID. Michelle was like “Oh, is it an R18+ movie?” and the guy said “no…. M15… why.. how old are you two?” 20!!! Haha, we all laughed. It was awkward but. Aaron was there too, I wonder what the guy thought the 21 year old was doing with two 14 year old girls… :\

Thursday I didn’t really do much during the day, that I can remember anyways. But that night Angie came by and we went over to Robina with Kahni. Didn’t stay there long, left Kahni there with her friends. Then we went over to Labrador cause Angie had to pick Erika up from work at 8pm. We had some foods too, I only bought a box of cookies, and asked for a cup of water. But instead got given lemonade, and a mcflurry, as well as the cookies 🙂 haha. Angie got a mcflurry too, cause they were accidentally made before some guy changed his mind. Scoree. Lol.

After that we drove back to Robina where they dropped me off cause they had to go home. I was then walking to meet up with Mel & Eryn and co, but on the way I passed Michelle and her friends at Max Brenners so I said hi there for a bit, then went on to find Mel and Eryn and stuff at Gloria Jeans. Hung out there for a little bit, then eventually headed off cause I had to go find Kahni. I rang Michelle when I was leaving Gloria Jeans to see if she was still there, and she was, and she parks much closer than I do lol so I asked her if she wanted to drive me to my car 🙂 Haha. Good fun. Then I found Kahni, and went home.. The end!

Friday I worked. Tiring. That afternoon I ended up going over to Rhiannas for a bit. Hung out with her for awhile, then Shane came home. So we were just talking for awhile. Playing with Cruz too haha he’s all better now thankfully 🙂

Saturday we went to breakfast, then went to Jordy’s school fete for a bit. It was too hot and it wasn’t that exciting, so I didn’t stay there long. Came home. Then later on I went to Victoria’s to check out her new Xbox 360 that’s on sale at Big W. I think I need to go get one, might go layby it tomorrow actually. Just cause it’s on sale for $100 less than normal.. Oh, and I hung out with Nicole a bit that night too.

Today I was supposed to work, so just as I was getting up to get ready, I got a call saying it was quiet and they don’t need me today. Sooo that was that, I laid back in bed for the rest of the day lol. I really didn’t do all that much today….. Looked up a lot of stuff, kept house hunting, all that good stuff… And yeah. That was the week. Laters!

Day 503, 504, 505, 506, 507, 508 and 509!

Straight up, I’m going to apologize for the days that I forget what I’ve done and don’t end up mentioning it… as Nicole pointed out to me last week, on the Wednesday where I said I didn’t do anything/couldn’t remember.. Turns out I spent the day with her and Rachel, we were at Robina for a bit, and then Nicole and I were back at her house later watching the Karate Kid movie haha, my bad!

Anywhooo… Monday, Day 503, was spent continuing to sleep off the cold I had woken up with on Sunday.. Fathers day. I think I watched Friends With Benefits that day too. Good movie. Also discovered that Eminem is touring Australia at the end of the year, and by touring Australia I really mean just coming to Sydney & Melbourne. Apparently, Brisbane isn’t good enough… So I’m mad!

On Tuesday, Day 504, Mum, Monte & I drove up to Sunnybank Hills to pick up my car! Yay! It’s a pretty nice car, and definitely a great car for the $7,000 it costed me.. MUCH cheaper than its worth! Scoreee! Monte drove it home from Sunnybank, and then when we got home I drove it around the estate for a bit, then eventually drove over to Rhianna’s place to show her and Shane my nice shiny new car >;] It even drives nicely, like really smooth. I like it.

Oh, on Monday night I think it was.. Rhianna’s dog Cruz, he had to stay over at the vet because he had at least two paralysis ticks on him and was paralyzed 😦 but he’s okay now, he came home Tuesday afternoon and he’s all good now 🙂

On Wednesday, Rhianna and I went to a bunch of real estate places at Robina to look at listings and stuff, not much luck though, and the people there in each store weren’t very willing to help… It was awkward. We also went to the pet store to look for things for Cruz. I think that’s all I did on Wednesday, someone correct me if I’m wrong…. It seems I remember all the other days much better than I do Wednesdays… Hump days!

On Thursday, I had my orientation for Seaworld! I had to be there by 8.15am, so I left home around 7.15. Such a long day. I was there until about 3.30pm I think. We had a lot of learning to do, lots of signing paper work, and walking around the park, even rode one of the rides. Also turns out a guy I went to TAFE with works there! But yeah, the day was fairly interesting. Got my uniform, roster, all that jazz. I was so tired when I got home though that I just went to bed for a few hours. Super tired!

On Friday I was at Robina for awhile with Rhianna. We felt old because we had to sit down and have a break twice. HAHA.  We’re old and get tired easy… Good Lord, help us. I bought another book though, seeing as I’ve now finished the Hunger Games series :(. We also had Gloria Jeans, and some butter butts from the Chinese bakery thing there.. Think that was it for Friday….

On Saturday, I had my first actual shift at Seaworld! I wasn’t supposed to, because the four of us training in games had been told 8am-11am for register training, and that was it.. So when we got there, halfway in to it the lady told us we were actually staying until 3pm or later.. Thankfully everyone was cool with that. So after training in the shop on the register in the morning, we all went down to the games where we got to do each game in rotation to try them all out 🙂 It was pretty cool, I like all the games but one… Cause it has a microphone you’re supposed to use.. Awkwardd… But the day was good. Finished there about 3.45, and when I got home I was super worn out again and felt kinda sick. So I went to bed for awhile. Later that night I felt way sick, like with a cold. And took some cold medicine and went to bed!

This morning, Sunday, we all got up and went to breakfast as per usual. Had toast today instead of pancakes or French toast haha. I still felt a bit sick but not too bad, I feel kinda okay now. The rest of the day I just spent sleeping off the tiredness/sickness. I also watched Eat Pray Love, which made me decide that I need to go travel more! And need to go to Europe! The story is basically about this woman from New York who decides she’s not in love with her husband anymore and needs to escape herself and all that stuff, so she basically packs up and leaves. She goes to live in Rome for a few months, and then Bali for a few weeks.. And then bam, she’s a whole new person. Rome looked awesome, and I need to travel more… So that’s what my conclusion for this week is, travel more! Something I read in this other book I’m reading says “travel broadens the mind” haha. and then the other person argues “travel is escaping reality”. Either way…. Traveelllll!

Day 496, 497, 498, 499, 500!!, 501.. and 502!

I know this post should have come last night, but I doped myself up on cold and flu medicines and fell asleep for majority of the day and then through the night 🙂

ANYWAY! For day 496, aka Monday, I don’t remember what I did during the day, but that night Kahni and I went over to Heleina & Bec’s place to catch up with them. We hadn’t seen them in a long time, and it was Ria’s birthday, so we went over to say hi and chat for a bit 🙂 That was nice. They had two little like 3 day old baby chickens too, they were pretty cute. I held one of them all night haha, it liked being in my hands. Cause when I put it back down in the box it wouldn’t stop chirping lol.

On Tuesday, day 497, I went to the dog park with Rhianna & Shane, Shane brought along his dog Calais this time too so that Cruz didn’t feel so scared and alone. And it worked too, Cruz was much more lively and less scared with Calais there to watch over him/guide him. So that was good. There was a little staffy x puppy there too, 10 weeks old being fostered, Rhianna reckons I dropped her. “Dropped a disabled puppy” HAHA. It wasn’t really disabled… but it was abandoned when it was a few weeks old because it’s back legs weren’t working. But her legs are doing just fine now! And I didn’t drop her! I was putting her down, and as she got to the floor, her legs gave way… and it looked like I’d dropped her LOL.

Can’t recall a thing I did on Wednesday, probably nothing much except sit at home looking up cars and houses lol.

Thursday I hung out with Michelle and her new dog, Lilly. Have you noticed everyone’s got a dog now except for me? Michelle called me a “dog slut” because I hang out with everyone’s dogs at the dog park lol. And it’s true, we took Lilly to the dog park, and there was people and there dogs there from previous times I’ve been there with Rhianna and Cruz, as well as her parent’s cattle dog Ally, AND Shane’s cattle dog Calais lol. So who knows what those people think every time they see me there with a different dog lol. Cause now I’m there with Michelle and her dog! Haha. Pretty funny. We also went to the pet barn to buy a bunch of supplies for her dog, and that was pretty much it for the day.

That night I had Nando’s for dinner with Monte & Jordy, and then around 8.30pm I went out for Alex’s 18th! We went into the grossest place on the GC, which happens to be Surfers! I know that it’s supposed to be glamorous and all, and it may be fairly nice with the beaches and stuff by day, but by night, some really feral people come out to play. I don’t like driving into Surfers, it’s hectic there. So I parked at Pac Fair & Alex, Paige & Abbey picked me up there and drove in. Then they dropped me back after too to my car heh.

I think we left Surfers around 1.30am, saw a lot of people I went to school with, none of whom I liked at all and obviously none of them said hi to me lol. Ran into Angie though she was out too with some of her friends haha. She was very surprised to see me out in Surfers. Even I was surprised I went out… But most of the night was spent with Mel & Matt, Paige, Abbey, Alex, and a few other people. I met one girl who’s friends with that group that I’d never met before… When they told her who I was she was like “YOU’RE JESS JAMES?! You’re famous! Everybody loves you!!” I was like uhhh, okay? Haha. “Everybody talks about you all the time! You’re so famous!” I lol’d.

I didn’t get home until about 4 that night/morning, ended up talking to Mel all night at her place. Just chilling, catching up. Good stuff.  🙂

On Friday I don’t know what I did, I guess I just looked up cars. Oh! I remember now, I’d found a car on Gumtree for $4,600! It was a 2005 Subaru Forester. With about 146,000kms. So for that price it was a damn good price! So I rang the guy up, and we arranged to go see it in half an hours time. When we were just about to leave, he sent me a text saying “sorry car sold” sigh. So that blew a hole in my car hunting.

So I spent the rest of the day looking up cars. Came across one in Brisbane, a Lancer, $7500. 110,000kms. 2005. Even though it’s a 2005, it’s a year newer than my 2005 one was. Mine was a “MY05” this is a “MY06” so it’s basically an 06 model. It’s much nicer/newer inside than mine was, I had grey interior, it’s got black interior. It’s just more updated than mine was. Also has a 2.4L engine instead of a 2L. Anyways, I didn’t call up on Friday, instead I called up Saturday morning after we had breakfast at Cucina Mia.

So Saturday was spent with Monte & I driving up to Brisbane to check out this car. It’s in pretty good condition, minus a few scratches on the back right bit, and faded door handles cause they’re plastic. Did I mention the car is red? Lol. It feels much more powerful than my Lancer did cause of the bigger engine, I’m sure it’s going to eat more fuel too… But hey, we got the guy to take $7,000 for it. So for that price, it’s a great deal too. I’m pretty happy. Haven’t got it yet, will get it tomorrow. 🙂

Sunday was Fathers Day, but I was so sick I felt like death. So I wasn’t a very good daughter for Fathers Day lol. I apologize Dad, and Monte. I slept almost all of the day, kept taking cold and flu stuff, tried to kill it quick. Fell asleep as well last night with the night time medicine. I think I slept pretty well, didn’t get up until about 10.30 today. I feel a bit better today but not amazing. My throat still hurts. I think I’m just going to chill all day and try to sleep it off a bit more. Don’t want to be sick for starting work on Thursday…  So yep. That’s the blog really! Laters!

Day 489, 490, 491, 492, 493, 494, and… 495!

Would you look at that… I didn’t blog for a WHOLE WEEK, and no one said anything. Sweet!

I guess if you didn’t notice, the absence from blogging will become a regular thing now, I’m quite too lazy to have anything interesting to say now every day, the Gold Coast just isn’t that exciting, just as before!

But anyways, as a recap of the past week, I’ll see how much I can remember..

I had a job interview at Seaworld on Tuesday morning (Day 490),  and after that Mum, her friend Sophia, and I had lunch at the Southport Yacht Club… All I kept thinking while I was there was “ARE YOU THE SEAFM FUGITIVE?!” cause they were doing that contest on the radio once and Michelle and I went there and tried to find the fugitive haha. Classic 😉

On Wednesday, Rhianna and I went and saw Rachel and her baby, Aliyah, at their place. We were there for a few hours, chilling/catching up, etc.

On Wednesday night, I went and saw the Green Lantern with Michelle & Aaron, cause every Wednesday night they go see a movie, so they insisted I come along this time. It wasn’t too bad of a movie, but it really wasn’t that great lol, I was expecting better… After the movie though I went down to Grill’d and waited for Mel to finish work then I drove her home!

I feel like I did something the other days, but I don’t remember too much now haha. Can’t remember the days, but I know what I did..

Oh, on Thursday, Rhianna, Shane and I went over to Pat’s place to play Call Of Duty lol. Needless to say, Pat & Shane kicked our butts haha.

On Friday night, I went and hung out with Mel, her sister, and their boyfriends, and some of their other friends. They went bowling, so I watched them bowl lol. Then after that we hung out at Gloria Jeans for awhile. Good fun.

On Saturday, I went over to Rhianna’s place, played Call Of Duty with Shane before he went fishing with his friend, then I played one game of Call Of Duty with Rhianna, before switching to Tony Hawk’s Wasteland lol. So then we just played that game for awhile. Eventually got bored, and she insisted I watch the Hills with her…. So we watched that. LOL. It’s their favorite show, Shanes too. LOL.

And now today is Sunday… And I haven’t done anything all day except had to drop Kahni to work this morning.

Somewhere along the line of this week, I think Friday afternoon, I was offered a job position with Seaworld 🙂 So I’m now employed! Hell yeah! Not sure exactly what I’ll be doing just yet, but we’ll find out at my orientation, which isn’t for another like two weeks unfortunately 😦 Wish it started this week lol.

It was also Crysti’s birthday the other day, so happy birthday big sis!

I think that’s it really. I’m still puppy-less 😦 How sad. And I’m still car-less, and house-less. Ahhhhhh…. Depressing times….. At least I’m technically employed now 😉