A Giant Ball Pit Room…

I’ve always wanted a room in my house, full of ball pit balls! You know.. like the ones at kids play places? ..except in the comfort of my own home where I’m hopefully certain there won’t be any dirty nappies or kids underwear and pee floating around in there..

ball pit

I think a lot of people would want this same kinda room, if only we all had the money.. I came across a blog today of people making their own ball pit too in their house, xkcd they did alright. But someday it’ll be my turn.. I’ve considered attempting it when we find a place in Canada, but I’m not sure how our landlord would like that..? Worth a shot!

Ideas / Suggestions / Donations.. Greatly appreciated 😀

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Imagine, electronical business cards. That’s a Poken. No more scribbling down email addresses on napkins..

Just “high four” another persons Poken with your Poken and that’s it. You can exchange all your social networking addresses that you store onto your Poken..

It’s a USB device that you plug into your computer and it will take you to the “PokenHUB” to connect your accounts with the accounts of those you’ve previously “high foured” with.

You can also get a “PokenPULSE” which also doubles as a 2GB USB for the more business styled users. Even company logos can be printed onto them. The character design ones are known as “PokenSPARK

…..Can you tell I really want one?

43 days and counting..

Yep! Hello! Thanks for checking out my blog. As of April 21st, I’m leaving Australia and heading on over to Canada on a 2 year ‘Working Holiday Program‘ visa. I’m going to be making a blog post every day for AT LEAST the entire first year.. being a “threesixtyfive” type blog, meaning at least one post, every day, for a year.. 365. I’ll also be trying to include a photo with each post.. But I don’t yet have myself a laptop to take with me, I was going to get one over there.. so for awhile I may just be posting off my iPod.

Anywhoo! Kudos for checking out the blog, You’ll be hearing from me again soon.

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