Day 241

day started as usual. had cereal, om nom nom! I don’t think I really did anything until after the kids got home at 4 then we went down to Crystis for awhile.

we were doing Tessas homework spelling words with her. it was pretty funny, caught her tryna cheat so we made her get up with her whiteboard to write them lol. she did well though!

after that we came back up to the house & dropped the kids off & headed out to Hot Springs. first Kahni & I went to Spencers, then to Hot Topic. after that we followed Crysti & Monte to Game Stop, looked around, then headed off again.

next we went to Game Exchange. saw heaps of people bring in several Nintendo DSi’s to sell to the store.. it was so weird. they seriously must have been stolen or something. these people do it often too! weird.

anywhoo. the store wanted $129.99 for a used DSi, they were only offering people bringing them in $70. they’d bought 4 from people while we were in the store then didn’t have enough cash for more, so when one chick came out to the carpark we said we’d buy it for $70 LOL. it was so weird. like DSi trades in a dark carpark.. odd! but pretty interesting.

after that we headed to Lowes cause Monte needed paint. then we went to Sonic for some food. food was pretty good. mmm mozzarella sticks. and tater tots! we sat there & ate then headed off again.

next we stopped at some grocery store, I was sent in to get milk on my own. when I walked in it was seriously empty. dead silent except for the creepy music over the speakers. I noticed the only store worker who smiled at me lol. it seriously felt like i was in Zombieland, just waiting for the zombies to jump at me. then I walked by some twinkies and felt even more like Zombieland!!

back in the car I told them about my trip through Zombieland and they were all “so where’s out twinkies?!” so when Crysti stopped elsewere for smokes, she got twinkies. LOL. so we ate twinkies!

then we finally headed home. and here we are! now I’m gonna go fill the vaporizer and head to bed! night!

    • Mum
    • December 16th, 2010

    But forgot my Hersheys :-(((

    • poppy
    • December 17th, 2010

    You’re one in a million!

    • g-ma
    • December 18th, 2010


    Is that where robot man walks?

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