Day 371

Slept in this morning, then when I got up I decided to attempt my assignments……. didn’t really get anywhere. This is such a hassle..

Sarah came home & then we went upstairs to get mail & ask the landlords some things about us leaving. While we were there they gave us a little mini cupcake each that Lexi apparently makes for Easter or something, it was yummy.

Then I went to work, and work was slow… and boring. Had to wait 45 minutes at the station tonight too for the bus, stupid damn Translink, sigh!

The new schedule for next week is a bit weird, I have quite a few 2.30pm starts… too early for me. Not cool 😦 But oh well. Money is money, at least my hours aren’t really that cut back considering we now get paid more in May, yay!!

Watched the new Gossip Girl episode tonight. Oh, I also watched the first episode of the first season of True Blood. Everyone’s constantly going on about it, so I figured I needed to watch them all. I’ve decided to try and not watch it though until I’m in Arkansas, cause then I have stuff to do with no cable & internet………… >_>

Anyways! Night!

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